Friday, January 12, 2018

The Process of Excellent Hypnosis and Getting Your Money’s Worth

❤A Thought from Listen to Lisa ❤

I’ve seen that flirts who do hypnosis are hard to come by.  There are some extremely talented hypnodoms out there but still not as many as there’s probably a demand for.  Hypno doms (including findoms who use hypnosis as a tool) have a very tricky path ahead of them whenever interacting with a new caller. Even the most skilled of us can find it’s challenging to navigate in the blind.  Navigating in the blind simply means conducting a session with a caller she knows nothing about.  

One of the hallmarks of a great hypnodom is her ability to assess and ask questions.  A great hypnodom never assumes she knows what you’re looking for and what you like.  Have you ever had a conversation with a flirt who just got it all wrong?  For example: You call her findom line and within a minute she’s telling you what a pathetic loser you are, how she’s going to make you suck cock and then demands a big tribute.  Maybe you’re the guy who likes this, but maybe your the guy who is now completely lost and worst of all, completely NOT turned on.  Oh wait!... and is also the guy who just spent $20 only to have to start from scratch with a new flirt.

Tonight I had a conversation with a caller who had the foresite to send me a document he created that detailed exactly what he liked about hypnosis and mind control (I use these terms interchangeably).  He explained what his expectations were, what types of triggers he was most likely to respond to, his preferred frequency and length of calls and even shared a link to a piece of erotic literature that basically summarized his ultimate fanstasy. Subsequently we had an amazing session that came together almost seamlessly. 

Those of you who are looking to have truly mind blowing sessions should approach your calls with two things in mind:

  • A truly excellent hypnodom will be asking you questions and assessing-and that will take some time.  Going into a hypnosis call and expecting to have a gratifying session in under 15 minutes without any previous prep is nearly impossible.
    • If you know that you only have a limited amount of time then you’re going to need to take some steps to get her that information ahead of time. You then also should consider that the top-of-the-line flirts (and therefore busiest flirts) aren’t going to spend a ton of time communicating for free.  Some callers do have the foresite to send me information including messages with links to erotic stories, essays about their own kinks and other detailed communications.  But at the same time they will send a thoughtful tribute to acknowledge that I’m putting aside time to truly read and consider all of it.  Often times if I’m researching for an upcoming call with you, I’m logging out so that I can give it my 100% attention.  When I’m logged out, I’m missing out on money I’d otherwise me making at that time. So whether we discusss your kinks during the call or through writing it is going to take time.  It’s up to you how you want to spend that time.
  • The second thing  is to give her feedback! This can mean lots of things: You’re giving her feedback when she can hear you engaging in the call- moaning, breathing heavily, commenting on your current state “My mind is growing fuzzy” or “I can’t help myself”, “My cock just got really hard when you said xyz”.  Leave her feedback in a private message after the session “I really responded strongly when you did xyz” OR “Next time we talk could you do ‘yadda yadda yadda” instead of this or that”.  And of course all flirts appreciate when you’re thoughtful enough to submit a formal feedback review on her page.
think more flirts would be spellling this out just as I am but they’re hesitant because they fear they might ruin the fantasy with all of this honest talk.  I mean, isn’t a domme just supposed to know what to say and how to control you without you telling her exactly how to do it? Well, you’re not telling her how do do it.  You’re actually just helping her to decide which techniques to use on you so she can brainwash you with more intensity, and also ensure you’re likely to become addicted and return over and over again for more. Personally, I know just how skilled I am and I warn men often that once they open those flood gates there’s no going back. Additionally, an excellent hypnodom will not need ongoing clues from you.  If you follow these guidelines she’ll have you wrapped around her finger quicker and with more intensity than you thought possible.  Good hypnodoms and findoms only need a few ques before they’ll know you better than you know yourself.

In the end, a truly excellent domme like myself wants you to get what you’ve been fantasizing about, for the more fulfilled you are the more power I have over you.

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