Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Choose Your Own Fantasy with Kiwi Candy

That first ring of the phone always gets my heart pounding and my body tingling with anticipation of being used and allowed to serve a dominant man - to serve you. As I pick up the phone, you can hear the softest intake of breath before the first dulcet tones of my New Zealand accent lilt across the phone lines to caress your ears. As I slither from my bed onto my knees, ready to serve you, you can hear the breathless need and desire in my voice.

"I'm ready to serve you, Sir.”

The words sound hesitant, nervous, showing the need to be found pleasing. The soft, desperate words of a subservient girl slipping like lava from fuck-able lips, and the light moistening of a wet tongue as it slips across the soft pillows of my lower lip. Begging to know what it is you want from me, I ask in simple respect.

"What would you like me to do first, Sir?”

Would you like to continue this fantasy?  Pick your own version of events!

You will enjoy choosing your own fantasy.

Kiwi Candy