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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cuckold Licks the Cream Pie Sheets Clean

I find it really amusing when my cuckold watches my lover and I have sex and then he licks the sheets clean. He just finds that wet spot and cleans it right up. I swear none of my sheets have stains on them at all because cuckold not only licks them up, but he washes them in the washer as well.

I bet you want to take your pathetic tongue and wipe up that cream pie mess my Big Black Cock Bull and I leave for my cuckold slave to clean up. You would probably do it just as eagerly as he would, lapping it up like a huge cum slut and begging for more. That's because you are such a cream pie lover and while you're watching us fuck in front of you, you jerk your pathetic little dick off. You know you're not allowed to cum until you have cleaned up that mess, little bitch.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cuckolds Love Watching Men in the Shower

You know that cuckolds love watching men in the showers at the gym, right? I have a cuckold who calls me weekly about how he goes into the men's gym showers and watching all of the guys with their well hung dicks soap it up. He goes into the stall and peeks from the top while their not looking and jacks his little pathetic tiny dick off. What a loser! His fantasy is that one of these guys actually catch him and push him down to his knees to make him suck cock. He would love to have that happen and he talks feverishly about it weekly. Can you imagine if that happened to you? I bet you would go throat deep on that big dick while you creeped everyone else out and they all laughed at you!