Sunday, September 16, 2012

BBWVanityMinaj uses her ass to put you in submission

I love the way men do a double take when I walk by. They wonder, How can I handle all that ass? The truth is most men can't. My ass handles them. I can get anything I want with my big sexy goddess ass. I love to walk in front of men and give them a full view of my sexy curves and bodacious figure. I get so much attention it should be a crime to carry so my sex appeal in such a large package. I make men bow down and beg to serve me. They become overwhelmed with my voluptuous figure and my large bouncy breast. I've had so many guys call me and tell me things like "Why can't my wife be big like you". I know it can get boring looking at the same body shapes. When you need a SSBBW call me and I'll make you forget about your boring wife. You crave a woman that can hold you down and smoother you with her huge ass and wide hips. I know you can't get enough.
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