Sunday, September 9, 2012

Control. Ready to give it up?


I've been Domming since I was 21...believe me, your depravity will notshock me.

What is it like to give up control? To step out of your comfort zone? To have someone have you sign a contract, repeating your safe word to you until it's confirmed..? That place that is between fear and excitement...pleasure and pain?

To give yourself over, having ZERO control left for yourself? Your only escape is to go through it, or safeword out of it...

If you have ever dared to delve into those dark know those ones you dare barely utter?...The ones that you have told NO ONE...(up until now)
I am the one that can take you there!

To that place called called sub-space...that place that has no word to describe it... other than blissed. It's a place few see and even fewer dare to go.
The question is, are you ready to share those deviant thoughts of bondage, whippings, cbt,caging, breath play, smothering, body worship, extreme edging, chastity and other deviant BDSM thoughts?

when you're ready to NOT be in control..
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