Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting to know Shylah

All about Shylah
My name is Shylah and I live in loveland Co.
A lot of my caller know this about me.
I am 28 years old now. Caller ask me all the time
what do i do all day. I talk you My Callers.
I love to cook. I cook a lote.
 I love making cookies. I do have some callers that 
I send my cookies too. On Mondays I send out
what I call Care Gifts. This is a lot of good thing
in there. I have a garden. LOVE IT.
I all so make Wire Wrapped Rings.
 This is just about me and what I Love
to do. So come back and see more about me.
                                   Kisses, Shylah Candy Kisses