Friday, September 7, 2012

"The Best Wanking Lube"--by Conny

Hey naughty boys! Ive talked to alot of wankers and there seems to be a favorite lube of choice among the most hardcore addicted masturbators.  Some say its the best lube on the market.

Quote from one masturbator

"Albolene Cleansing Concentrate Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser, Unscented 

white jar blue lid....hands down the BEST masturbation lube that there is.  Found in womens skin care area of most drug stores. A little goes a long  ways, does not dry out GREAT FOR EDGING, easy clean up. FEELS GREAT!!"

So there you have it! Go get some at your local Walgreens or I even tried it and it is very smooth, altho be sure you only use a tiny bit until you get used to it because like he said, a little does go a long way. It leaves you feeling soo soft too : )

Grab your fave lube and call me, naughty wanker boys.