Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Would love to here from you

I want you to tell me what you want. You want my genius mouth with its habit to lick all around the rim and down the shaft, licking and tickling your balls?

And however you want me, I'll be yours. I will rock on your cock while we sit on the couch, we'll see how far up in the air I can put my ass so you can deeply and totally fuck me, my ass and my pussy : taster's choice.

My biggest fantasy is to let it loose together in a public, say a football game, and get on the big screen in front of everyone, but I'll settle for just you and I in a private booth in a nice restaurant, trying to be discreet while you suck on my nipples and I suck your cock,. We don't need to be alone for me to get off; in fact, it's better if we aren't.

 I hate the word "NO" and that's without really knowing the meaning of it.

Like taboo? I don't know what that is either. I will fuck your kid brother and sister while you watch, I will play in your underwear while you play in mine. I will play with just you and me, or with a group of people:. I just love to cum, and when I cum, the whole house shakes with my quivering pussy as it drips out the juices that you know you could lick up like a kitten all day!

If you want to do my favorite thing, you will tie me loosely in silken scarves and though I want to wiggle like a whore, I have to stay very still and let you control me. I guess being spoiled my whole life has made me wonder what being held still is all about.

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