Sunday, September 2, 2012

You can never masturbate enough!

The more you masturbate the more you have to. You Love being a wanker, dont you? You probably are having another "awesome" jerk off session with yourself right now. Your only issue is the time goes by way too fast. You want to stroke your penis forever. Masturbation is pure sex ... a complete mind-cock connection. When you are looking at porn, you are thinking how hot it would feel to be the one in the picture. Your mind is continually feeding your masturbation. You love  phonesex because it lets you verbalize the dirty things you are thinking. You are a very kinky masturbator ... you do the dirtiest things .. And, nothing excites you as much as the inescapable realization of just how nasty you are. Stroke your dick with my blessings today. Multiple Times even. Over and over... and call me and tell me you are stroking in my honor : ) Kiss from Conny Call  Button