Tuesday, October 30, 2012

VIP? Yes...Think about it, bottle service? A sexy lady?

Yes, yes I do have a line for VIPS only! do not call unless you are invited (a paid VIP member) Yes I know who my VIPS are, if you call anyhow, you'll be blocked! I had someone laugh and say "I'm just a PSO, what am I doing with a VIP" window lickers will be window lickers...look...in the REAL WORLD YOU pay a VIP fee, and in a club you get bottle service and the company of a beauty. Don't blame me if you don't have the worldly knowledge OR the class to comprehend this..

Besides, the intellectuals and entrepreneurs that call me like to have a "few hour" conversation...so I make it a reasonable rate for those VIPS...yeah, it's not for the one minute wankers!

That nastiness aside...if you're wanting to sign up?

"I want to be the girl with most cake..."

************* an aside note, many of you are on the east coast...getting hit by hurricane Sandy...I appreciate those that checked in...(that's why I sent some minutes for you!) get in touch when you can, but mostly, stay safe!!! XOXO DJ