Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cuckold Attempts to Cheat on His Mistress With College Coeds

what happens to cuckolds when they cheat

What Happens to Cheating Cuckolds?

It's a shame when a cuckold feels the need to cheat, but it does happen. It's almost like he goes in heat like a whore. Suddenly he'll get this fake testosterone boost and want to find some chicks to fuck around with behind his Mistress's back. But what really does happen to cheating cuckolds?

Mistresses ALWAYS find out! The women he tries to cheat with are usually very curious creatures. Being brat girls themselves, they always want to make sure the cuckold loser is the stud he claims to be. Often times they already know he's a loser and use his phone to blackmail him once he's totally drunk and horny. They find my number on his phone and try to start some shit with me--until I put them in their place.

Once they figure out he is a cheating cuckold then he is doomed. These sorority girls will do anything to make him feel insecure and dopey. They will laugh at his small penis and make him wear panties. They will bring in dildos and boyfriends just to see how far he will go. Of course, I demand they send me videos of the whole party so I can further abuse and humiliate him when he gets home.