Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Balloon Fetish

Balloon fetish is one of those great fun fetishes that is full of laughter and is completely harmless. I was first introduced into balloon fetish years ago by a Niteflirt caller that enjoyed the feel of a balloon against his skin. He taught me a lot about the fetish he was a non-popper who had a specific balloon that turned him on. I asked him when we first started playing when he first started to feel the way he did. His fetish started from a birthday party where people were popping balloons and he felt compelled to "save" the balloons. The hoarding sensation triggered something inside him where he wanted to feel the balloons all over his skin. The squeaky sound was euphoric to him better than about any other sound he could think of. The way the balloon would first glide against his skin and then cling tightly to him felt sensual to him in a lot of ways. Fetishes in general are fascinating in how they develop and what they become.

People that enjoy balloons are called looners and there a two distinct groups balloon poppers and balloon nonpoppers. There is a chasm of difference between the two groups the balloon poppers in joy and get a sexual rush from that split moment when the balloon actually explodes into just a tiny pile of left over material. The non poppers on the other hand become visibly upset if the balloon is harmed in any way. Balloons come in a variety of compositions from latex to true rubber. For balloon boys and balloon girls they each have their own favorite type, size, and absolutely shape of balloons. For many looners the act of blowing up a balloon is very sensual the feel of it growing in their hands and stretching out to where it is filled with air. For some the struggles of tying off the balloon is part of the turn on. There is a whole group that are into over inflation they want to push the balloon to it's limits. When it comes to size there are some that enjoy just having a large amount of balloons all around them others enjoy the extra large ones that are bigger than they are. The sensation of the balloon on one's skin is unique somewhere between silky and clingy. There is a great difference in smell of each types of balloon they are all different.

Balloon fetish is active on Niteflirt there are currently over 500 flirts that are offering calls on this fetish so plenty of different people to choose from. Many different body types, hair color and personalities to make your night on your fetish extra special. With over 100 Goodies that were made for looners there is also pictures, movies, and mp3's. The fetish of balloons is absolutely catered to on Niteflirt.

If you are new this fetish or have never really thought about the appeal of it. Take a look at the short clip below. The wonderful thing about sexuality is how we can explore new fun areas of ourselves.

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