Monday, January 11, 2016

SSBBW for the cold winter months

The winter is here and I'm getting a lot of new callers from chubby chasers that need a woman with some extra pounds to get them through the winter cold. I usually attract the most men in the winter. Guys usually want a warm super sized body to keep them warm. I've had several callers send me msg's or call me and tell me that they would prefer me in the bed with them instead of their wife. I know what they mean. A man want a big large set of legs and a thick plump ass to cuddle up with. I had a caller today that said he would pay any amount to have me fly out and sit on his face and smoother him with my ass. I had to remind him, that im not an escort. He was so fascinated with my huge ass, they he had to ask. I laughed because this guy leaves huge tributes, but I cant meet with anyone. I guess he will just have to worship my pictures and continue to call and beg.
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