Sunday, January 3, 2016

Why I don't do hypnosis sessions

I have been asked several times these past weeks why I sell hypnosis video but not do hypnosis sessions on webcam/phone. BUT YOU’D BE SO GOOD AT IT. 

I know I'm good at it. 
When I make a hypnosis video it takes me hours of script writing and in-depth thought and consideration to what will be included into it. I will use key phrases, words, symbols, colours, photos and this all takes a lot of time and effort. I can sell the videos which can be watched over and over again by the submissive who is letting me break down his mental barriers and get inside his head. Watched daily they will have strong effects on the viewer. One time sessions on cam/phone isn't enough, you will feel the effects and go “under” but the long term seduction won’t be there unless you watch the videos daily and I am not available enough to be offering hypnosis sessions daily. 

You need AT LEAST 15 minutes for a decent hypnosis video anything less is just scrimping on the induction and will not have the required effect of a deep induction and full hypnosis. 

The other thing I have against hypnosis sessions is the scripted element. I never use a script I like to free style all my sessions individually. With hypnosis the first 15 minutes are all generic induction processes in a real time session on a daily basis this would bore me. I LOVE hypnosis but doing it every day for hours at a time would be a bit trying for me. I enjoy so much of the BDSM lifestyle that spending so much time on one fetish would drain me. If you wish to see my hypnosis videos for yourself you may purchase them and let me know what you think. 

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