Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote before you cum

I'm asking all of my callers to go out and vote. Before you pick up the phone and call me go out and vote. Exercise your right to vote. Okay, I'll be honest I'm not the most political person but I think everybody should go out and vote. This economy has been fucked up for a while. So let's have a say so in what our tax dollars should be spent on. I'm voting for Obama. I think he needs another 4 years to get this country back into order. So go out and vote and call me later. I'll be available tonight. I know you guys are gonna wanna release some of that tension after waiting at the polls and fighting through traffic to go and vote after work. I would also like to say I hope all of my east coast callers are doing okay through the devastating storms and black outs. I've had some of my devoted callers call me though the blackouts from their smart phones but couldn't chat for long because they didn't have indoor chargers. My heart is with you all. Love your favorite Naughtygirl. TYRA!!!!!
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