Monday, March 11, 2019

Now that the Winter is coming to an End

I couldn't be more excited about the weather clearing up in California and Arizona. (I live between both states.) We have had a long Winter in California which meant me having to wear jeans, sweats, and big heavy rain coats. I'm use to having lots of sun and warmth. I love to see the sun come back out so I can wear my short skimpy dresses and open toe heals with my nylon stockings. I'm ready to get back into the clubs and go party at the beach and have cocktails on my balcony. I'm a flirty girls and flirting is the most fun when I'm wearing a skirt that barely covers my ass, or a low cut top that reveals my boobs. I also love to describe what I'm wearing when I'm having a hot phone sex call. I love to describe my g string panties, my short mini dress, even the color of my lace bra while talking to guys on the phone.
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