Monday, January 11, 2021

Packing Away Last Year Looking Forward

This past year was brutal on my family and myself, not just the Covid crisis but also several tragedies that the universe kept throwing at us. We had a tragic death in our family that took months to get somewhat settled finally. Then there was a car wreck where a “nice” guy swerved over into our lane at almost 90 miles per hour to create many health issues for me and others. We also lost four pets; two were older, one was a sickly animal we were trying to nurse back to health, the one that tore our hearts out was our three-year-old dog. The veterinarian said he had a congenital disability between his stomach and intestines; nothing could be done, and no way anyone would have known. If you follow me on some of the social media’s you have seen us go through three bouts this year with what was thought to be Covid, but we always tested negative. It has been difficult mental health-wise with having to stay home like it is for so many others. I have issues with being around people, so my regular routine of using weekly shopping to combat difficult with all the shutdowns. That all being said, I am in the same predicament as many others. I encourage everyone to reach out to quieter people. Ask people, even strangers, if they are okay; we all need a bit of social reassurance. 

I have spent the last two months working on the new year, and I think it will be fantastic once everything starts publishing. I am working on my podcasts, patreon, youtube channel, a class on starting an adult business, and I have several stories ready to publish. About September, the bottom fell out of my ambition; I slept a lot than couldn’t sleep at all. Eating anything was a chore, and I have lost about 30 pounds. Things are looking up, though, and these past two weeks, I am finding my desire to create again. Several of you have reached out to me discussing my youtube channel and sent me many great ideas. I am working on a couple of series, one about my personal life living in a long term poly marriage. My husband and I have been together for over 30 years, and we have been with Chilly for over 16 years. Another series I am working on is about fetishes I have been introduced to over the numerous decades we have been involved in the adult industry. An important goal for me is to finish two of my erotic novels close to completion and get MP3’s made of all the short stories up on Patreon and Amazon. 

Patreon is going way up the priority list. I really like that site, and having access to fans during this whole pandemic, it was pushed to the bottom of all lists. This past week I laid out everything I want to get up in the first quarter. There are several short story ideas that I have worked on in the last couple of months. They will be exclusive to Patreon and if you follow me on there, send me ideas. I like hearing from everyone. If you are not part of my Patreon but want to shoot me over some story ideas or even some of your personal adventures, please email me or reach out on social media. 

This year has been a struggle for so many people, not just the fear of sickness or the frustration of dealing with ever-changing social interaction rules. Depression is a struggle, whether it is situational or chemically created by the body. Be kind to the people you meet; most of us fail to realize the impact a simple gesture or interaction can have on those around us. Politics do not matter in the end; our neighbors, friends, and family are all we truly have in this life. The rule of life is getting as far down the road as we can one foot in front of the other is the only way we pass the test. I hope the new year brings us all exciting changes or at least a bit of peace.  

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