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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sexy BBW bringing in the New Year

Hello Guys, I will be online for the New year and on New Year's Eve. I am still getting over a slight cold bug and I don't wanna go out into the cold air. So what better way to spend the New year talking to some of my Naughty callers that can't get enough of my Huge ass? My thick ass will be home, not in a club, not at the bar, not in the streets. But home alone taking calls and playing with one of my new toys.
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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer Time For The Big Girls

Big girl season is all year round. I don't know who started that bullshit that big girl season is in the winter when men want to be up under a SSBBW/BBW. Big girls win all year long, including summer. Big girls will be at the pools, lakes, beaches, and water parks in sexy swim suits even two pieces. Big girls are already hot so we will be dressing less in the summer. Don't hate on the Sexy Big girls. Grab your man when you see a big girl out at the club or laying poolside. I know some will throw shade, but that's fine. Sexy voluptuous women are winning.