Saturday, September 8, 2012

Morning Fun!

How much fun would it be to share a morning sunrise over breakfast in bed with me?  I had a caller describe how he would like to pamper me first thing in the morning, to let me know how much he enjoyed and appreciated the way I had serviced him the night before.   I love the idea of being able to curl up in the blankets, left warm by you and basically purr myself back to that in between awake and asleep moment, basking in the warm feeling in my tight little belly knowing my man is taking care of me.

The scent of the coffee and the food drifting into the room is enough just to keep me from falling fully asleep, anticipating the wonderful flavors he would soon bring in to me. After a few delicious minutes of just enjoying the smells, I sneak even further under the covers, hearing him waking back down the hall to the bedroom. I can't make things too easy now can I?  Hearing him say my name, I feel my desire starting to well up in my chest, fighting with my hunger for attention.  He sets the tray down next to the bed, and opens the window, letting the morning twilight into the room. As he sits down and pulls the covers off of my head, I can't help but smile, stretch and giggle a little at him.

Not letting me move much, he is insisting on feeding me as I lay in bed, the brightening rays of the sun beginning to heat up the room, and my naked body. After a few minutes of letting him feed me, I can't stop my hands as they wander towards him, snaking under the blanket, and finding their way to the breakfast sausage I really want,  hehe. As the morning sun fills the room all the way, I decide to send him to work with a smile, and pull him down on top of me, getting the enjoyment of having sex with my man to start both of our days of right.
Sound fun? Call me and tell me how you'd like to start the day with your favorite Kiwi.