Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On formalities

Occasionally I get questions like, "What shall I call you? What does DJ stand for? Can I call you DJ?" etc. Honestly, as long as there is respect shown for who I am to you. I'm okay with any of the above. There are a few, a small handful, allowed to call me by my name.

That said, I have to laugh when those of us in the business get full of themselves with titles and the like. Look, we're all in the same business. But whether you're Master _____ or Mistress ____ or even if you call yourself Lord____ or Goddess______ I could give zero fucks about it.

We're in the same line of work.

That said...Yes, those of you that submit to me...It's Mistress DJ or Ma'am or even just Mistress. When not in scene, DJ is acceptable...clear enough? hehe.

That said, I've been having some delicious calls for my Masturbation Class. If you've not checked it out yet..you should.

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