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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Time Confessions with the Horny MILF of Your Dreams

It's Spring Time again, cuddle season is over. No more staying in the house under your wife. I'm ready to hear your steamy confessions. Those naughty secrets that you've been holding in. My line is back open for all men, single, married, engaged, bi curious, or even gay. You sit and watch all that porn on your phone and laptop fantasizing about all the naughty things that you want to do. Call me and tell me about all the cheating you've done or the time you had a secret rendezvous while you were out of town. I know you are dying to tell me every dark detail and I want to hear. My phone line is open now for all of those kinky things you've been thinking about while your stroke your hard cock.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Time Confessions

I just talk to a guy that confessed that he was bi curious up until last night when he got his first taste of BBC. My caller is a 40 year old lawyer from the mid West with a wife and 3 kids. A very successful hardworking husband that has become infatuated with Big Black cocks. He said he had always watched porn since college, but last year he started watching interracial porn and started looking at the big huge cocks on black men. This is a man that claimed to be heterosexual all of his life and never even thought about being with another man. Then he became curious so he started befriending men on dating sites. After a few bad dates and guys with fake pics, he finally came across a good looking 28 year old security guard that lives about 30 minutes away in an all black ghetto. So my caller traveled in his brand new Range Rover to meet up with this 28 year old hard body with a big huge delicious cock and balls. He told me how they chatted briefly for a few days and met up at the black guys house. My caller couldn't believe how big the cock was and how it got bigger and bigger until it reached about 11 inches. He got on his knees and sucked him off for about 30 minutes. Keep in mind, this was his first time giving a blow job. So he was nervous, but not to nervous about sucking and licking until he tasted a warm load bust in his mouth. After sucking his cock again and making his black lover cum all over again, he left with a new addiction. Now he is constantly looking at BBC online, going on gay and bi dating sites to find more cock. He's even thinking about leaving his wife now that the addiction is over powering him.
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sexual Seduction with a Hot MILF

Do you lay at night fantasizing about an ebony MILF in your bed? Do you like to look at porn and drool over an ebony body or even an ebony mature older woman. I have the sexual experience that you crave in a woman and the body that you want to worship. My sexy body longs to be worshipped by a horny caller that likes to spoil and obey his beautiful Ebony Goddess. I'm am the MILF that makes your cock rock hard. I wanna hear your deep dark secrets. I wanna know what makes your cock explode. I wanna know your kinky secrets. All the things you think about late at night while your watching your favorite porn.
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