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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cougar Cumslut horny for a young stud

I've done 3 phone sex calls today and now Im ready for the real thing. I've been rubbing my sweet honey spot thinking about a young muscular body in my bed naked laying next to me. Well, not laying next to me but on top of me pumping his hard thick cock in my cunt. I have such a great time rubbing my pussy with my callers and hearing about their fantasies they have for me. I hear everything about how my callers wanna suck my tits and fuck me or how some of them wanna bang me with their wives in the room. I love it all. Sometimes my calls are quick and I don't get a chance to cum because Im so busy pleasing my callers and making sure they have the best possible experience. I end up playing with my juicy pussy during and after the call. I guess Im what some might call a cum addict. Now I'm laying on my couch feeling horny going through my phone going through some numbers so I can order some hard cock from one of my sex 20 something year old studs. I know they'd be willing to travel to come over and taste this sweet cougar pussy.
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Compulsive masturbating Leads to phonesex which leads to me

I've been talking to a nice friendly guy for about a week and we have been talking a lot about his addiction to porn and masturbating. I don't see anything wrong with spending a lot of time watching porn as long as it doesn't prevent you from earning a living and support yourself and holding down your household. My new friend is afraid that his addiction to masturbating and Porn can lead to a breakdown and will eventually take over his life. I don't believe this to be true. Watching porn is better than going out in the streets and paying for a hooker or doing something illegal that will get you in trouble. As long as your in the privacy of your own home watching porn, there is no problem. A lot of guys that watch a lot of porn usually like to jerk off and fantasize about kinky sometimes non traditional sex. This is possible by calling me on nitefirt. I'm always available to talk to you about your love of porn and your dirty naughty fantasies. I consider myself to be a very opened minded non judgmental person. My caller confessed to me that he likes to watch porn on a Big Screen TV and even watches it at work on his phone. It's okay it told him, as long as it's not affecting his work to the point that he's no longer productive. Phonesex is a lot safer than paying for sex with a stranger online and meeting up at an unknown hotel putting yourself at risk.
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