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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cuckolding Phone Sex "Just keeping it real"

Humiliating and scolding sissy boys is my specialty. I get calls every other day from weak pencil dicks calling to tell me about their cheating slut wives. These are not sluty women or promiscuous wives, but they turn this way when they get BBC. I know first hand about this lifestyle because I’ve worked in clubs, casinos and bars that attracted these married slut women. High Class white, Black, Latino and Asian women.

I have seen so many married women coming around to find black bulls to satisfy them in ways their husbands never could. Most men believe that they have their household under control because they pay the mortgage and wear the pants. Remove the pants, and take away the job and the money. What do you have? A worthless weak piece of nothing.

I understand why these women come around searching for black men. They get married just to use their husbands and get a free ride to the good life. Is this fair? Yes, men usually marry a woman for her looks or her body. A trophy to cover up his insecurities. I don’t feel sorry for these men that have cheating wives. Most men have fantasized at one time or another of seeing their wives get fucked by other men. Especially men that are not well endowed in the cock area. This has become so popular on the internet because people usually want to be discrete. I know all about this. This is not the half. Wanna hear more? This is more than phone sex, this is the truth. call me at 1800 TO FLIRT ext. 9702633

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