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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sexy Plus Size Goddess will drain your account

My financial Domination Line is open as well as my Tribute buttons for all my Pay Pigs! Please Ignore if you are a broke Pig on a budget! Don't waste my time if you have a low amount in your account. Go play somewhere else. I don't have the patience to deal with worthless losers and wannabe Pay Pigs that are broke. I usually spend a few grand on clothes, makeup and hair/nails monthly. So don't make up any excuses. Matter of fact, if you are a worthless time waster, you will be blocked immediately. This is more than a fetish to me.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Loser Line laughs at you.

Financial domination (also known as money slavery) is a fetish lifestyle, in particular a practice of D/s, where usually a male submissive or money slave, pay pig, human ATM, or cash piggie will give gifts and money to a financial female (or male) dominant (also known as money mistress, findomme, money domme, "cash master", "findom").

The relation may often be accompanied by other practices of BDSM and female domination or male domination, like erotic humiliation, but there may be virtually no further intimacy between the individuals. The relationship between the 'slave' and the 'mistress'(or 'master') may take place solely via online communication, but it is not uncommon that the 'slave' may accompany his mistress while she (or he) is shopping and paying with his (or her) money.

Such a relationship between individuals may be similar to, yet clearly distinguishable from, relationships based on Total Power Exchange. In the latter one, the submissive may grant all his or her money saved and earned to the dominant, in addition with much more aspects of his or her autonomy, but it is not uncommon that both partners have an intimate relationship as well. The fetish of financial domination fetish should also be distinguished by Sugar daddy/Sugar babe-like relations between individuals, where the male may spend gifts and money to 'his' girl, without explicit elements of female domination.

Financial domination is a paraphilia stemming from a devotion of financial slavery or to be dominated in a financial way. Many[who?] pro-dommes and femdommes found this to be a natural extension for any professional dominatrix who is already being paid for fetish services, and began to exploit it with clients who shared her fetish. Some domme clients were aroused as much by giving money to a dominant woman, as they were by any fetishes they may have been coming to see her for. The dominatrix may also be aroused from being financially worshiped.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Human ATM cum worship my Goddess Ass

Time to worship and tribute your sexy Goddess. I have the ass that you love on a sexy BBW. Call and tribute. This is for the real Pay pigs that have long pockets and a huge bank account. Not the broke freebie seekers that can only ask for free minutes and send a bunch of annoying messages all day but never tribute or call. Fuck those losers. I have guys sending me messages on twitter asking if they can buy me something or send me money. Well cum to Niteflirt, just click the link and send a tribute. No broke bums, only real Human ATM's with fat bank accounts that like to spoil and shower their Black BBW Goddess with money.
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Phonesex Pay Pigs that actually Deliver

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These week I met a great but worthless Pay Pig to Financially dominate. Unlike so many losers he actually stands by his word and puts his money where his mouth is. I get calls from guys periodically that claim they have the bucks and the credit card to spoil me but a lot of times it is pure bullshit. Don't lie and tell me your gonna send a tribute while your caught up in the moment. I would rather us just talk and have fun on a call instead of you telling me you want to be a pay Pig. But this week I met a real Pay Pig that insisted that I make an amazon wish list so that he can spoil me and buy me all the things I want. I thought he was another guy playing bullshit games. Nope! He actually sent me over $2000 worth of gifts. Everything from Ear rings to a digital camera and some expensive perfumes and blankets for my condo. I love getting gifts sent to my front door that I dont have to pay for.

I've had guys send tributes which is nice, but I've dealt with guys that thought they could fool me by saying things like give me your number on Niteflirt and I'll send a tribute. A bunch of bullshit. I'm not giving my home/cell number out for a Niteflirt tribute. That is dangerous. Something I would never do. Never, however my new pay pig is such a sucker for my affection that he's willing to spend his money on gifts just to keep my attention.