Thursday, May 6, 2021

Emasculating you with every call

If you call me and I hear a hint of weakness, sissiness, or submissive in your voice, I will treat you accordingly. I will laugh at you, ignore, you, demand you to send me a tribute, or I will just tell you how I feel about you. Which will be a bunch of demands and inults.I know you weak worthless men that call with your sissy fantasies are weak males that have nothing for me but a small cock and a credit card. I know you get off on being bullied and disrespected because you are weak and I know how to emasculate you. If you were a man I would treat you as such, but weak boys get handled. You are only wanted for you money and to keep around for my own enjoyment and amusement. But you must pay of course, even if you are only being use.

"Crying as Cathartic Release" Article - Miss Jenn Davis

Hello, I'm Miss Jenn Davis.  I'm a Phone Dominatrix, Domestic Disciplinarian, Author (check me out on Amazon!), Spanking Model, Fetish Model and Content Producer. You can find out more about me on my website:

Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis

S. Nicole Lane interviewed me for an article on crying. My portion was about crying as a cathartic release but her entire article is much more than just that. It's about Dacryphilia. Dacryphilia is a form of paraphilia (sexual arousal from something outside the norm) where a person is aroused by tears or sobbing. The entire article is here: "Does Crying Turn You On?" by S. Nicole Lane and I really urge you read it. It's interesting, informative, and goes much more in-depth than what I wrote here.

woman spanking man to crying

If you don't have the time to read the entire article, which really goes in depth on the matter. Here is the portion that she wrote from interviewing me in regards to crying as cathartic release:

Crying as a Cathartic Release

Miss Jenn Davis, a professional disciplinarian and fetish model, explained that many of her submissives want to cry. She said that before seeing many of them, they usually send an email that states their goal is “to get spanked to the point of crying.” She went on to say that, “For some, it may be the bond that develops between spanker and spankee, and feeling unconditionally loved at the time of spanking. Feeling like the spanker really cares about their personal well-being and that they are being spanked out of a place of love and wanting to bring out the best in that person. If the person is wanting to be spanked for a reason or role play, I explain that if they want to have a better chance at crying, they need to have something that is an emotional reason for them."

As a professional spanker, Davis finds that, “Crying is very cathartic and and being able to ‘release’ those pent up emotions, all that stuff bottled up inside, sometimes for years or decades, is an amazing experience.”

Since tears are associated with negative emotions, it is often common to forget that tears, or sobbing, can be a therapeutic experience. For the crier, releasing their emotion can be a natural thing that results in them feeling refreshed and renewed.

spanking art

More about Miss Jenn Davis:
Miss Jenn Davis has spanked more bottoms than most. As a well-respected author and educator, she specializes in the playful sides of BDSM, from spanking (her first love) to ABDL, feminization, and humiliation. 
With insights gained from years in the lifestyle, she brings a unique perspective matched with practical advice for those interested in expanding their current relationships. Friendly and non-judgmental Jenn has helped individuals and couples of all types discover and express their fun and erotic inner selves.
She has appeared in print, online, TV and podcasts as an advocate for authentic human expression. Jenn is available for media appearances and individualized consulting. To contact her, send an email to:
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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

My Article on SimplySxy - on JOI

First, I wrote an article on SimplySxy about a year ago:

During Jerkoff Instruction (JOI) a Domme (me) will tell and sometimes instruct a man how to masturbate. The instruction will usually tell men how hard or soft to jerk off, how rapid his strokes should be, and where and how firmly he should touch. 
There are two JOI: jerkoff encouragement (JOE) which is positive reinforcement helping a male to orgasm (think Pavlovian mentality with "good boys" included.), and jerkoff humiliation,  making the man feel dirty or ashamed of his arousal and desire to masturbate.
I do have a specific line for it here:


Or you can request a custom (that will guide YOU specifically how to masturbate!)

Monday, January 11, 2021

Packing Away Last Year Looking Forward

This past year was brutal on my family and myself, not just the Covid crisis but also several tragedies that the universe kept throwing at us. We had a tragic death in our family that took months to get somewhat settled finally. Then there was a car wreck where a “nice” guy swerved over into our lane at almost 90 miles per hour to create many health issues for me and others. We also lost four pets; two were older, one was a sickly animal we were trying to nurse back to health, the one that tore our hearts out was our three-year-old dog. The veterinarian said he had a congenital disability between his stomach and intestines; nothing could be done, and no way anyone would have known. If you follow me on some of the social media’s you have seen us go through three bouts this year with what was thought to be Covid, but we always tested negative. It has been difficult mental health-wise with having to stay home like it is for so many others. I have issues with being around people, so my regular routine of using weekly shopping to combat difficult with all the shutdowns. That all being said, I am in the same predicament as many others. I encourage everyone to reach out to quieter people. Ask people, even strangers, if they are okay; we all need a bit of social reassurance. 

I have spent the last two months working on the new year, and I think it will be fantastic once everything starts publishing. I am working on my podcasts, patreon, youtube channel, a class on starting an adult business, and I have several stories ready to publish. About September, the bottom fell out of my ambition; I slept a lot than couldn’t sleep at all. Eating anything was a chore, and I have lost about 30 pounds. Things are looking up, though, and these past two weeks, I am finding my desire to create again. Several of you have reached out to me discussing my youtube channel and sent me many great ideas. I am working on a couple of series, one about my personal life living in a long term poly marriage. My husband and I have been together for over 30 years, and we have been with Chilly for over 16 years. Another series I am working on is about fetishes I have been introduced to over the numerous decades we have been involved in the adult industry. An important goal for me is to finish two of my erotic novels close to completion and get MP3’s made of all the short stories up on Patreon and Amazon. 

Patreon is going way up the priority list. I really like that site, and having access to fans during this whole pandemic, it was pushed to the bottom of all lists. This past week I laid out everything I want to get up in the first quarter. There are several short story ideas that I have worked on in the last couple of months. They will be exclusive to Patreon and if you follow me on there, send me ideas. I like hearing from everyone. If you are not part of my Patreon but want to shoot me over some story ideas or even some of your personal adventures, please email me or reach out on social media. 

This year has been a struggle for so many people, not just the fear of sickness or the frustration of dealing with ever-changing social interaction rules. Depression is a struggle, whether it is situational or chemically created by the body. Be kind to the people you meet; most of us fail to realize the impact a simple gesture or interaction can have on those around us. Politics do not matter in the end; our neighbors, friends, and family are all we truly have in this life. The rule of life is getting as far down the road as we can one foot in front of the other is the only way we pass the test. I hope the new year brings us all exciting changes or at least a bit of peace.  

Diane Callaway has been working in the adult industry for over sixteen years. She writes erotica self-published and ghostwriting. Erotica is one of many genres she specializes in. If you need help with a start to finish product, you can reach her Diane has a patreon where she publishes her stories, mp3, blogs, and articles Her erotica and paperbacks offered on Amazon

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Horny, bored and ready for phonesex on Niteflirt

I've been in the house lately feeling very bored and horny. I have been staying in doors because I am 60 years old and I cannot afford to get sick. The weather keeps changing in my neck of the woods. So Im online most of the time ready to play with this wet Cougar Pussy that men seem to love. I have become a porn fanatic since Quarantine. I've been discovering so much porn that I nornally do not watch, such as Transexual Porn, Lesbian scenes and cum shot compiliations. Overall, I've been bored and loney, but still enjoying my calls and watching porn.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Worship these beautiful SSBBW Goddess Feet

I put up new goodies on my nitefirt page for foot lovers. I have soft beautiful feet for those slaves and admires that love to lick and kiss beautiful feet. Many foot worshipping men would love to have these beautiful feet on their face or between their legs. Come purchase for your naughty foot fetish.
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Monday, May 4, 2020

Your slut wife is desperate for Black cock! Phonesex confessions

You can pretend that you do not know about your cheating slut wife. The truth is, your slut wife is allowing Black bulls to cum inside of her. She doesn't use condoms. She will eventually get pregnant by one of her black bulls. Plus, when she tells you that she is going to exercise or visit a friend, she is really at the bar or at the hotel with a room full of black bulls. She is not worried what people think or how it ruins her good wife reputation. All she cares about is having an orgasm on a black cock. All your wife care about is pleasuring a huge cock. Your wife is obsessed with making black men cum. She is obsessed with swallowing loads of semen out of BBC. She would rather be bouncing on top of a huge cock instead of being home with you. I talk to men all day long about their wives and girlfriends. Some know about their slut wives. Some are still in denial. I also talk to wives that ask me for advice and for connections with BBC. I tell them to just go shop in a black neighborhood, go to an area filled with black men and take their pick.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My gigantic SSBBW Ass vs Little Cocks

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Once again, I've been getting tons of calls from little dick guys and men short in height that want to challenge me. Little men want me to use my large size to dominate them or make fun of their little pin dicks. Imagine a little dick guy trying to have his way with me. Funny right? My huge gigantic ass vs a little dick. Imagine a man struggling with my large voluptuous thighs,and plump ass. I always get men calling me on niteflirt telling me about their naughty secrets of being squashed or swallowed up by my gigantic ass. Men love to tell me how they want to challenge me with their little dicks. I laugh and humiliate them. I laugh and make jokes about their tiny short dicks. I laugh and giggle and make them feel inferior. Little dicks will always get laughed at when they call my line.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Tiny cock Losers are welcome for Humiliation (Jokes on You)

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Lately I've been getting a lot of hilarious phone calls from little dick guys. The type of guys that are so pathetic they call women to laugh at their tiny cocks. I get a kick out of little dick losers. Yes, I call them losers because they want to be laughed that and ridiculed for having tiny cocks. I don't know what happened to their cocks. If it stopped growing before it fully developed or does it shrink as they get older? I recall an old wives tale that said for every 100 lies a man tells his wife, he loses some cock length or his hairline recedes. Either way, I've always been a size queen that loves to laugh at men with small dicks. It all started when I was about 18 years old. A guy wanted to show me his cock at a movie drive in. This was many years ago. LOL.

He was so eager to show me his cock in his dad's 78' Cadillac we rode in. I thought he had a big monster cock because he was so handsome, tall and he was very popular around the way. I got my hopes up high and thought I would see a big huge beautiful cock. NO! He unbuttoned his pants with so much confidence. He closed his eyes and told me to touch it. I reached over without looking and tried to rub his cock. I couldn't feel it, it was that small. I had to look over because my hands wouldn't guide me. His cock was about 4 inches and very thin. I looked at him, and said wow. He said "Is everything ok?" I was so upset, I wanted to get laid that night. I knew I would not have fun with this short midget dick. I wanted something big that I could feel. I had an attitude the rest of the evening. I told him I had to go home and meet someone. I lied, I was so disappointed that he had a tiny cock. I called my best friend the next day and we both laughed and joked about his tiny cock. My bff said "Well at least you didn't go back to his place or go to a hotel". I was glad I didn't. We both would have been upset because I refused o fuck him. He called me a few more times and I always declined his calls. After a year, the joke was out about him and his little cock. All the girls began to gossip about his little tiny cock.

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