Friday, April 25, 2014

Want to go flying with me? I'll take you subspace.

Subspace: Subspace happens in two different situations. There is the first scenario where a submissive physiologically is sent to subspace via impact play. Instead of safe wording, the submissive disconnects, the stress on the body too much and the hormones kick in. This means that the submissive steps out of his or her body and shuts out the experience as his or body fights the hurt with hormones and endorphins kicking in. The other scenario, the psychological is the good stuff. This is where you enter an altered state; one where you disconnect, only in a pleasant way. There is a strong draw to your Dominant. Not necessarily one of sexual arousal, though that may be a part. The first stage is tingly, floaty...warm... Often at this point the submissives start to goad/provoke a Dominant or say things that others may laugh at during the scene without realizing that they are doing so. It is very cute and is most often accompanied by giggles and snorts of derision. The next level goes deeper, where the ditzy feelings begin. Forgetting commands, looking spacey, intoxicated feelings; speaking slows if not stops and the submissive is reliant on the Dominant to monitor them. The final section is primal. Moaning, grunting, multiple orgasms (sometimes without touching), hypersensitivity to tactile and other forms of sensory input.... and being completely out of it. But then...the body drops from the high...and aftercare from your Dominant begins. Subspace is a warm and fuzzy place if you are safe with your dominant. You will find that once you experience it, the longing to experience it again will be something you will have to control. Let's go...I'm booking flights :) DJ
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