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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cuckold hubby discover his cheating wife is obsessed with Black Cock

Another naughty call with another man that wants his wife to fuck and suck on BBC. I love these calls because guys are confessing something that is so kinky yet so provocative and secretive. My last caller told me how his wife started out sneaking on dating apps to flirt and chat with men. Then she went out on a date with a black guy that was 10 years older than her. After that one date, she started sneaking out, even calling off at work to go see her Big Black Dick lover. Eventually she started hanging out at bars, clubs, and gyms to attract Black men. She started maxing out her credit cards to get hotel rooms and rent cars to sneak out of town to entertain her black bulls. He tried to make her stop, but she would always lie and deny her infidelity.

She could come home late smelling like sweat and men's cologne and would lie saying "oh honey I hugged a coworker." Eventually he unlocked all of her devices and found pictures, audio, and clips of her sucking Big Black Cock and laying in beds with different men in all types of positions. He wanted to be upset and yell at her, but he found himself masturbating while watching his wife with different men. Seeing his wife wrapped in the arms of a tall black man made his little cock stand up hard. He went through her phone and laptop and found homemade porn of his wife with multiple men. He's not going to confront her anymore, he's only going to keep tabs on her devices and enjoy all the cock she is enjoying. He's counted at least 40 men she's been sucking off and fucking.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Slut Cougar Neighbor Open 24 hours a day

Cum over next door to my house for a massage and a drink. Get away from your wife, your job, and your worries. Let's have some sexual fun and make each other cum. My lips are ready to suck and lick all over your rock hard cock. My tits are ready to be sucked. My pussy is wet and waiting for your tongue. No need to worry about your wife finding out, I never kiss and tell. Or should I say, suck and tell. What are you waiting for? Cum over and get a massage and a blow job, or bend me over and poke both of my holes.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Sexy Cougar all ready for the Summer Heat

The summer is here and Im ready to flaunt my sexy body and curves at the beaches, parks, and other gatherings. I already went shopping for sexy short sundresses, sexy blouses and mini shorts. Yes, I still like to look hot and sexy and flaunt my legs, tits, and ass to men in public. I love the attention of men looking at me and doing double takes as I walk through the mall or grocery store. I like to sit at bars and after hour clubs and flirt with younger men, even while they are with their wives or girlfriends. I love being naughty and flirtatious around men, I know it makes their cock stand up in their pants when I show off my tits and lick my lips in their face. Younger men are always horny and they love to be taken home by a hot horny cougar. This summer heat really has me ready to be a kinky nympho with no limits.
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Friday, February 26, 2016

HotCougarDonna is back to play with her jerkoff boys

I've been off for a while taking care of business and traveling but Im back. I have messaged some of you that have been trying to get in contact with me. No more worries. Im back and I'm ready to play with this hot juicy pussy. I'm ready to play out those fantasies in your head and make you cum over and over.

I'll be your horny wife, your sexy hot teacher, or the bossy bitch at work that you've been wanting to fuck for years. I'll even be your best friend's mom. Whatever you want me to be, I will be. I will make sure you reach the best orgasm you've ever had in your life. My goal is to make sure you are satisfied every second. I'm not happy unless you are jerking your hard cock for me and shooting a yummy creamy load all over the place. I want you to cum so hard you will think you are actually inside of my tight cunt.

1-800-to-Flirt ext: 9786723
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cougar Cumslut horny for a young stud

I've done 3 phone sex calls today and now Im ready for the real thing. I've been rubbing my sweet honey spot thinking about a young muscular body in my bed naked laying next to me. Well, not laying next to me but on top of me pumping his hard thick cock in my cunt. I have such a great time rubbing my pussy with my callers and hearing about their fantasies they have for me. I hear everything about how my callers wanna suck my tits and fuck me or how some of them wanna bang me with their wives in the room. I love it all. Sometimes my calls are quick and I don't get a chance to cum because Im so busy pleasing my callers and making sure they have the best possible experience. I end up playing with my juicy pussy during and after the call. I guess Im what some might call a cum addict. Now I'm laying on my couch feeling horny going through my phone going through some numbers so I can order some hard cock from one of my sex 20 something year old studs. I know they'd be willing to travel to come over and taste this sweet cougar pussy.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MILF masturbates to interracial porn

I often get asked by my phone sex callers, what turns me on. I have to admit I enjoy watching interracial porn and playing with my cunt. I always fantasize about being one of the girls in the porno getting fucked by a black or latin man with a huge hung cock. I've only been with a few black men in my life, so I know they are hung and have tons of stamina. I often masturbate to black interracial porn and fantasize it's really me, taking that huge black cock. I get so many cuckolding callers that like to hear stories of me getting fucked by super sized black cocks. I have tons of stories of how I would like to fuck a big huge rock hard black bull. Watching interracial porn makes my pussy throb and get extra moist until I'm soaking wet. The feeling I get when I'm watching porn and I get a Phonesex caller is priceless, even if my caller has a whole different fantasy. It makes me cum so hard over and over.
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