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Friday, October 2, 2020

Horny, bored and ready for phonesex on Niteflirt

I've been in the house lately feeling very bored and horny. I have been staying in doors because I am 60 years old and I cannot afford to get sick. The weather keeps changing in my neck of the woods. So Im online most of the time ready to play with this wet Cougar Pussy that men seem to love. I have become a porn fanatic since Quarantine. I've been discovering so much porn that I nornally do not watch, such as Transexual Porn, Lesbian scenes and cum shot compiliations. Overall, I've been bored and loney, but still enjoying my calls and watching porn.
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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Tiny cock Losers are welcome for Humiliation (Jokes on You)

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Lately I've been getting a lot of hilarious phone calls from little dick guys. The type of guys that are so pathetic they call women to laugh at their tiny cocks. I get a kick out of little dick losers. Yes, I call them losers because they want to be laughed that and ridiculed for having tiny cocks. I don't know what happened to their cocks. If it stopped growing before it fully developed or does it shrink as they get older? I recall an old wives tale that said for every 100 lies a man tells his wife, he loses some cock length or his hairline recedes. Either way, I've always been a size queen that loves to laugh at men with small dicks. It all started when I was about 18 years old. A guy wanted to show me his cock at a movie drive in. This was many years ago. LOL.

He was so eager to show me his cock in his dad's 78' Cadillac we rode in. I thought he had a big monster cock because he was so handsome, tall and he was very popular around the way. I got my hopes up high and thought I would see a big huge beautiful cock. NO! He unbuttoned his pants with so much confidence. He closed his eyes and told me to touch it. I reached over without looking and tried to rub his cock. I couldn't feel it, it was that small. I had to look over because my hands wouldn't guide me. His cock was about 4 inches and very thin. I looked at him, and said wow. He said "Is everything ok?" I was so upset, I wanted to get laid that night. I knew I would not have fun with this short midget dick. I wanted something big that I could feel. I had an attitude the rest of the evening. I told him I had to go home and meet someone. I lied, I was so disappointed that he had a tiny cock. I called my best friend the next day and we both laughed and joked about his tiny cock. My bff said "Well at least you didn't go back to his place or go to a hotel". I was glad I didn't. We both would have been upset because I refused o fuck him. He called me a few more times and I always declined his calls. After a year, the joke was out about him and his little cock. All the girls began to gossip about his little tiny cock.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Slut Cougar Neighbor Open 24 hours a day

Cum over next door to my house for a massage and a drink. Get away from your wife, your job, and your worries. Let's have some sexual fun and make each other cum. My lips are ready to suck and lick all over your rock hard cock. My tits are ready to be sucked. My pussy is wet and waiting for your tongue. No need to worry about your wife finding out, I never kiss and tell. Or should I say, suck and tell. What are you waiting for? Cum over and get a massage and a blow job, or bend me over and poke both of my holes.
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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mature Cougar For Young Cock

I'm not the average older woman that is home suffering from empty nest or boredom. I don't play bingo, bake pies for the neighborhood, or knit scarves all day. I still have a high sex drive and love to watch porn, masturbate and flirt with strangers when I'm out in public. I still wear my short skimpy shorts and skirts to attract young college guys and horny men in the 30's and 40's. My body is always horny and curious about what a guy has under his clothes. I love to go to the mall, bars, and gyms just to check out men, even some while they are with their wives or girlfriends. I love to wait until a woman turns her head or go in her purse, I like to wink or wave at her hubby and walk away. This is so fun when I'm out. Just knowing that I'm turning on an attractive married men gets my juices flowing.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Sexy Cougar all ready for the Summer Heat

The summer is here and Im ready to flaunt my sexy body and curves at the beaches, parks, and other gatherings. I already went shopping for sexy short sundresses, sexy blouses and mini shorts. Yes, I still like to look hot and sexy and flaunt my legs, tits, and ass to men in public. I love the attention of men looking at me and doing double takes as I walk through the mall or grocery store. I like to sit at bars and after hour clubs and flirt with younger men, even while they are with their wives or girlfriends. I love being naughty and flirtatious around men, I know it makes their cock stand up in their pants when I show off my tits and lick my lips in their face. Younger men are always horny and they love to be taken home by a hot horny cougar. This summer heat really has me ready to be a kinky nympho with no limits.
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Men crave sexy a sexy MILF Seductress

I'm still open for confessions and fantasies. I know that every man has a kinky secret that he can't share with his wife, girlfriend or male friends. That is why so many men crave me, not only because Im a sexy Goddess, but because I'm an open minded MILF that understand all of your hidden desires. I hold the keys and lock to your fantasies. I am your escape. I am the woman that listens while you tell me all of the naughty secrets that you've been holding in. I know you have a secret. Have you been wearing women panties? Have you been masturbating all day at work? Have you been jerking off in public? Call me and tell me the dirty deeds.
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Friday, February 26, 2016

HotCougarDonna is back to play with her jerkoff boys

I've been off for a while taking care of business and traveling but Im back. I have messaged some of you that have been trying to get in contact with me. No more worries. Im back and I'm ready to play with this hot juicy pussy. I'm ready to play out those fantasies in your head and make you cum over and over.

I'll be your horny wife, your sexy hot teacher, or the bossy bitch at work that you've been wanting to fuck for years. I'll even be your best friend's mom. Whatever you want me to be, I will be. I will make sure you reach the best orgasm you've ever had in your life. My goal is to make sure you are satisfied every second. I'm not happy unless you are jerking your hard cock for me and shooting a yummy creamy load all over the place. I want you to cum so hard you will think you are actually inside of my tight cunt.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cougar Cumslut horny for a young stud

I've done 3 phone sex calls today and now Im ready for the real thing. I've been rubbing my sweet honey spot thinking about a young muscular body in my bed naked laying next to me. Well, not laying next to me but on top of me pumping his hard thick cock in my cunt. I have such a great time rubbing my pussy with my callers and hearing about their fantasies they have for me. I hear everything about how my callers wanna suck my tits and fuck me or how some of them wanna bang me with their wives in the room. I love it all. Sometimes my calls are quick and I don't get a chance to cum because Im so busy pleasing my callers and making sure they have the best possible experience. I end up playing with my juicy pussy during and after the call. I guess Im what some might call a cum addict. Now I'm laying on my couch feeling horny going through my phone going through some numbers so I can order some hard cock from one of my sex 20 something year old studs. I know they'd be willing to travel to come over and taste this sweet cougar pussy.
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

MILF phone sex "I wanna hear your confessions"

This is the time to come clean and confess those dirty secrets you have buried inside that you've been hiding. Every man has a secret fantasy that they've been dwelling on for years. Maybe you wanna see your wife suck a big black cock or you secretly like wearing women's clothings. Now is the time to confess and set yourself free. Now is the time to let it all out and tell me what is keeping you in mental bondage. I wanna hear what makes your cock explode. That secret that you think about while you stroke your manhood.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MILF masturbates to interracial porn

I often get asked by my phone sex callers, what turns me on. I have to admit I enjoy watching interracial porn and playing with my cunt. I always fantasize about being one of the girls in the porno getting fucked by a black or latin man with a huge hung cock. I've only been with a few black men in my life, so I know they are hung and have tons of stamina. I often masturbate to black interracial porn and fantasize it's really me, taking that huge black cock. I get so many cuckolding callers that like to hear stories of me getting fucked by super sized black cocks. I have tons of stories of how I would like to fuck a big huge rock hard black bull. Watching interracial porn makes my pussy throb and get extra moist until I'm soaking wet. The feeling I get when I'm watching porn and I get a Phonesex caller is priceless, even if my caller has a whole different fantasy. It makes me cum so hard over and over.
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Sexy Cougar back online

Im back online after taking a few days off to take care of some personal stuff. I'm out in California where it gets into the triple digits of heat. I've been wearing my short sexy sundresses and cut off shorts to show my sexy legs and thighs and attract some sexy hot young studs and older married men. Yes I do like to tease married men. Don't judge me. I had to take a little break from the phone sex to do some upgrades on my home like adding a new patio and getting my outside exterior painted. I've been surrounded by sexy young muscular contractors for the past week. So you know I had to prance around these hot workers in short skirts and barely there halter tops and flirt with my workers. They all loved me bringing them cold lemon aid and bottles of cold beer in my short cut off shorts. I can't wait to get the inside of my house painted so I can invite one of my workers upstairs to my bedroom for a fuck session. Maybe I'll invite them all upstairs for a gangbang.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm his new Cougar sex addictiion

I've been hooking up with this young 27 year old stud I met at the local Starbucks a few miles from my house. He is drop dead sexy with nice full lips made for kissing and gorgeous blonde hair. After we fucked a few times, he's been calling and texting me all day and night. Then he told me that he dumped his girlfriend of 3 years so that we could spend more time together. I guess my blow jobs where better than hers. Who knows? He invited me to come to a pool hall to meet some of his friends. I declined nicely because I'm not ready to be the older chick hanging out at the bars with youngsters every weekend.I know those young sluts are gonna be jealous of me when I walk in with my mini dress on and my fire red lipstick. As much as I love getting my cougar pussy fucked by this young sexy stud, I don't wanna be tied down in a committed relationship. I don't want him coming to my house unannounced or wanting to stay the weekend over. Im a cougar, I know all the games that young men play. Been there, done that. I want that good rock hard monster cock and that's it. I have a good time fucking him and sucking his beautiful cock and balls. He's very good and passionate with his foreplay, however I'm at the point where it is very hard for me to get emotionally connected to someone at this age. I'm all about having fun, partying with my friends traveling and being a home body. He's a young guy and I think he should just live out the fantasy with me.That's what I appreciate about my young phone sex callers they keep the fantasy as it is. Just a fantasy.
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cougar Phonesex All Night Long

I had a long fun call with a new caller in the middle of the night. This guy was very young, twentyish with a sexy deep voice that made my cunt slippery wet. He wanted to spank me on his lap then dominate me by fucking my throat over and over while I wore a blindfold. It was so hot to be a slut for a young twenty something young stud with a big hung cock. I loved every minute of being on my knees sucking and licking his big juicy cock with my wet lips. This was his first phonesex call and he promised to call back later tonight. Can't wait to be a whore for my young stud. I need to be spanked again.
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do you have a dirty Cougar Fantasy about a black Phonesex Cougar

I know you have a secret. You fantasize about sweet black honey holes all day. I'm talking about a sweet black cunt hole. Or maybe you don't fantasize about a black honey hole, maybe you think about being dominated and controlled by a beautiful black goddess. I wanna hear your dirty phone sex confessions. I wanna hear all that dirty talk that you wish you could tell your spouse. I wanna hear what you think about while your watching that filty smut porn online. I know your secrets, but I wanna hear them from your mouth. I want you to pick up the phone and grip your cock and get ready to shot that warm cum load for me.
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cougar Likes to Phone Fuck with Barely Legal Boys

I just did a steamy Phone sex call with a 19 year old college dude with a weakness for older woman. I loved listening to him describe how he wanted to suck and lick my warm cunt. 19 year old's don't have too much experience but they make great learners. I told him exactly where to lick my pussy and how he should tease my clit while he finger my pussy hole. He listened while he stroke his hard cock. I wanted him over here with me so I could get on his face and ride his mouth until I came. I wanted him close to me so I could suck and lick around his cock and balls over and over. I wanted him so bad. Thinking about his rock hard 19 year old cock made my pussy throb and get wetter by the second. Having his young hard body on top of me pumping and licking my tits made me wanna rub my clit more. Cant wait to do another Phone sex call with my 19 year old lover
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Slut Cougar for No taboo Phonesex

I know a lot of you men like to talk to young sexy phonesex girls in their early twenties, and that's all great. But when you need a sensual stroke of a mature woman give me a call. I'm into cuckolding, BDSM, foot fetish, and financial domination. Do you need me to be the kinky slut next door, or the evil librarian that pulls you into the office and give you a spanking on your bottom. The weekend is cumming and I know some of you men having been working hard and need to bust a load. I'm talking a cum load. Tired of your nagging wife? Bored at work? Just horny for no reason? Give me a call and I'll make you forget about your problems. Who better than a mature phonesex cougar. I'll keep it a secret.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

HotCougarDonna for your phonesex fantasies

This weekend has been great. I spent most of it on the front page of niteflirt thanks to my kinky naughty phone sex callers. I met some very interesting people that made me feel very welcome. As I said in my last post, I just started taking calls even though I signed up months back. I’ve had wild phone sex with some barely legal guys that wanted to play out the older woman younger man fantasy. I’ve spoken with a few married men that just wanted some marriage advice. I’m not a psychologist, but I have been married twice and I know what it’s like to live the family life. It’s very difficult. I’ve also met some friendly guys that just wanted general conversation. I’m pretty open to anything. I’m single living alone and I don’t have a lot of gal pals so it’s always lots of fun to talk on the phone. One thing I must say is that I do not do meet and greets or give out my telephone numbers. Other than that I’ve had a blast. I lost count of all the orgasms I had. I haven’t came so hard in a long time. So whenever you men out there want to have some kinky no taboo erotic phone sex with a Cougar/MILF give me a call and I’ll help you drain that scrotum sac. I'm here for your phonesex fantasies.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Cougar for No Taboo Mature Phonesex

Hi, I’m new on niteflirt. I created my phone sex pages months ago, but waited to start taking calls after I finalized my divorce. I’m a southern girl living in California. I have a sexy southern accent that men really seem to like. I consider myself a Cougar since I’m over 45 and I’m extremely attracted to younger men. Younger meaning from 25-40, although I still have encounters with men younger and older. Younger guys are attracted to my full figure and sexy cute ass. I get stares everywhere I go, from the gym to the grocery store to karaoke bars. Funny thing is I use to be a teacher and I lived a very conservative life during two marriages. One for 4 years and another for 15 years. I’ve raised a family and I’ve been a devoted soccer mom. Now it’s time to spread my wings and enjoy my golden years. I’m ready to travel, explore my sexuality and do things that I only dreamed about.
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1800 TO FLIRT Ext 9786783 Enough with the small talk. I’m ready for the kinky phone sex talk. I can’t wait to masturbate with different men and help them cum. I love to hear a man moan out loud while he reaches his sexual peek. I also like to role-play. I use to role-play with my husband until he became interested in other woman. That’s a whole other show. So call me whenever I’m available and I’ll show you the kinky side of a hot horny cougar.