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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sexy Role Play Enthusiast - Meet Caia

Meet Caia

This versatile erotic sensual woman invites you to enter her world, share your desires and she will happily comply.   She will meet your needs with a certain level of finesse and excitement, eager to please.  Authentic in her approach to talking about sex, and all it involves, she fully enjoys spending time with each and every man she encounters.

"Let yourself go.  Your ultimate pleasure is just moments away!"

Although she does not humiliate small penises, she is a lover of all men and the different skill sets they provide.  Caia is articulate, curious, and very interested in providing her callers with the best experience possible.  Wait no further, call this sexy mature beauty and start your erotic adventure now!

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Monday, February 25, 2019

An encounter with a Phone Domme - Mistress DJ

Sexual Encounter-
It all began so simple - an ad for a phonesex company.
An image, a promotional blurb a resume of filth and of kink. A desire that was contained in her grey eyes - was that a wall of restraint or torturous gates keeping him out?
Then she sent him a text/sext--she commanded 'I want to talk to you'.. 'I want you to stroke for me'.. 'Isn't it time you gave up control?'..
His heart pounding so strongly was it fear or lust?
Imagining all of dark fantasies that had lingered for many years before....
Pictures imagined and expectations created...
He dialed the phone...igniting ignition for his rocket ship.
She answered with "Hello, who is this?"
She has everything prepared, like an exquisite execution of a blueprint. She needed no introduction...
he gave her a name...a name to be called with trembling and trepidation in his voice...
'Why are you shaking pet? ', 'Are you afraid? '
he cannot answer...between his raging erection and her low calm tone he's slipping under into subspace.
'I feel so funny...' he says, unable to formulate what he's feeling.
'That's normal, that's subspace...just savor it." the Mistress reassures.
She uses him as her play thing as long as she wishes...all night long. He wonders if it's sexually exciting for her too, but he dare not ask.
He is her slave for the moment. She can have him any way she could imagine.
He could spend hours between her legs; at her feet; at her whims.
'Get on your knees, pet and wait.'
She speaks of edging, of control and of chastity.
She explains as a pet nothing is his.
His cock, his time and his wallet are all hers to do with as she will.

It feels as if months had gone by in his mind until the next time he can speak to The One..
She asks him if he wants to stay, to live in her world forever? She gives him assignments to soothe his sub-frenzy... But before he can think to answer;  She has vanished...she now dwells deep in the recesses of his mind as well as his loins...

To be continued....

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Slut Cougar Neighbor Open 24 hours a day

Cum over next door to my house for a massage and a drink. Get away from your wife, your job, and your worries. Let's have some sexual fun and make each other cum. My lips are ready to suck and lick all over your rock hard cock. My tits are ready to be sucked. My pussy is wet and waiting for your tongue. No need to worry about your wife finding out, I never kiss and tell. Or should I say, suck and tell. What are you waiting for? Cum over and get a massage and a blow job, or bend me over and poke both of my holes.
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Phone Sex after the superbowl

I know most guys will be watching the superbowl today with friends and family. I know this is the most exciting time of the year for football fans, even people that don't like sports. My friends are throwing Super bowl parties as well and some don't even watch football all season long. So whatever. I know a lot of you guys are going to want to masturbate and jerk your cocks after the game. I will be available for your dirty cuckolding needs. My black bull is busy entertaining his company for the game, so I won't be getting any black cock today. I will just have to wait and be patient, but my horny pussy can't wait.

I guess I'll have to watch some interracial porn while my hubby watches the game with his brother and two friends. Im sitting here in my den craving some big black royal cock. I Just watched a prissy college slut get banged in the ass with a huge cock and I'm so jealous. I want the cock in me as well. I wanna suck and lick that big cock. I'll be available tonight after the game. Sheesh I really need to cum again.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

All ready for a Weekend of No taboo Phonesex

I've been getting tons of messages and request from my horny niteflirt phonesex callers that want more stories in my blogs. I didn't realize that I had a faithful readers that have been reading my blog entries since I started blogging on #BestoftheFlirts and on my own blog. I have so many other things going like school part time, managing apartments and traveling back and forth to Cali. This is exactly why I need a relaxing weekend with no traveling, no company, no interruptions. Just me and my phone and my kinky callers that love to stroke their rock hard cocks and listen to me play with my sweet black cunt. I will be available most of the weekend to help you shot your yummy creamy load right in my mouth. I'm always hungry for a yummy sweet cum load. I'll play with my honey hole, clit and asshole while you tell me your deepest hottest secrets.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Balloon Fetish

Balloon fetish is one of those great fun fetishes that is full of laughter and is completely harmless. I was first introduced into balloon fetish years ago by a Niteflirt caller that enjoyed the feel of a balloon against his skin. He taught me a lot about the fetish he was a non-popper who had a specific balloon that turned him on. I asked him when we first started playing when he first started to feel the way he did. His fetish started from a birthday party where people were popping balloons and he felt compelled to "save" the balloons. The hoarding sensation triggered something inside him where he wanted to feel the balloons all over his skin. The squeaky sound was euphoric to him better than about any other sound he could think of. The way the balloon would first glide against his skin and then cling tightly to him felt sensual to him in a lot of ways. Fetishes in general are fascinating in how they develop and what they become.

People that enjoy balloons are called looners and there a two distinct groups balloon poppers and balloon nonpoppers. There is a chasm of difference between the two groups the balloon poppers in joy and get a sexual rush from that split moment when the balloon actually explodes into just a tiny pile of left over material. The non poppers on the other hand become visibly upset if the balloon is harmed in any way. Balloons come in a variety of compositions from latex to true rubber. For balloon boys and balloon girls they each have their own favorite type, size, and absolutely shape of balloons. For many looners the act of blowing up a balloon is very sensual the feel of it growing in their hands and stretching out to where it is filled with air. For some the struggles of tying off the balloon is part of the turn on. There is a whole group that are into over inflation they want to push the balloon to it's limits. When it comes to size there are some that enjoy just having a large amount of balloons all around them others enjoy the extra large ones that are bigger than they are. The sensation of the balloon on one's skin is unique somewhere between silky and clingy. There is a great difference in smell of each types of balloon they are all different.

Balloon fetish is active on Niteflirt there are currently over 500 flirts that are offering calls on this fetish so plenty of different people to choose from. Many different body types, hair color and personalities to make your night on your fetish extra special. With over 100 Goodies that were made for looners there is also pictures, movies, and mp3's. The fetish of balloons is absolutely catered to on Niteflirt.

If you are new this fetish or have never really thought about the appeal of it. Take a look at the short clip below. The wonderful thing about sexuality is how we can explore new fun areas of ourselves.

I am Diane Callaway I have been a phone sex operator on Niteflirt since 2009. I am a fetish blogger and you can read more of my writing I greatly enjoy talking to people about their fetishes so please give me a call and lets discuss the things you enjoy. Please add me on twitter @dianecallaway. My Niteflirt exclusive blog I have numerous help articles to help you use the site easier. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Corrupt Innocence Phone Sex

Corrupt Innocence Phone Sex is a naughty game I play with a Preacher from Virginia. I've turned my good boy into some what of a wicked man.

Tease the PreacherIn his own words praying no longer helps him resist me. ~giggle~ He only wants to give in to my soft sensual temptation. He stands in front of the congregation and gets hard just thinking of the naughty ideas I've placed deep into his mind.

Panties? Well yes Preacher I said go buy them and do it today. Sex? No! Not again, not with your wife. We'll leave her in confusion twisted just as you are, as I laugh in your face. I love this game we play.

I'll use you as I see fit preacher, and leave you begging me for more. Always needing, never forgetting. I'm your Mistress and you are here to serve.

Talk soon.
Mistress Peyton

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ruined by Blackmail

PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAT LYTTLEHere we are again... asking to be Ruined by Blackmail. Silly boy, I've told you over and again careful what you ask Mistress for due to the nature of the kink you have it would be so simple to take everything you have and create a world or fetish wonderland for me.

Let's stop off at trust. Do you trust me to keep those kinks of yours a secret? Oh not the normal ones it's the "other" ones that I've created within you. Am I making you nervous by visiting that aspect of your life? Good! Just remember you asked me to.

I'll expose you for being the Shoe Boy, Panty Boy or for being a Cock Sucker in Training or for needing to be owned by a Mistress, I'll expose and Ruin You for so many fetish and kinks all because you've asked me to.  I'll continue to keep you needing more.

Talk Soon
Mistress Peyton

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm his new Cougar sex addictiion

I've been hooking up with this young 27 year old stud I met at the local Starbucks a few miles from my house. He is drop dead sexy with nice full lips made for kissing and gorgeous blonde hair. After we fucked a few times, he's been calling and texting me all day and night. Then he told me that he dumped his girlfriend of 3 years so that we could spend more time together. I guess my blow jobs where better than hers. Who knows? He invited me to come to a pool hall to meet some of his friends. I declined nicely because I'm not ready to be the older chick hanging out at the bars with youngsters every weekend.I know those young sluts are gonna be jealous of me when I walk in with my mini dress on and my fire red lipstick. As much as I love getting my cougar pussy fucked by this young sexy stud, I don't wanna be tied down in a committed relationship. I don't want him coming to my house unannounced or wanting to stay the weekend over. Im a cougar, I know all the games that young men play. Been there, done that. I want that good rock hard monster cock and that's it. I have a good time fucking him and sucking his beautiful cock and balls. He's very good and passionate with his foreplay, however I'm at the point where it is very hard for me to get emotionally connected to someone at this age. I'm all about having fun, partying with my friends traveling and being a home body. He's a young guy and I think he should just live out the fantasy with me.That's what I appreciate about my young phone sex callers they keep the fantasy as it is. Just a fantasy.
1800 to Flirt ext 9786723
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Perfect Saturday for Phonesex with NaughtyTyra

Enjoying my Saturday so far, had a few naughty kinky calls this morning before I went out shopping for lingerie and panties at my favorite store Victoria's Secret of course. I hit up a few other stores and stopped at Starbucks. I picked up some sweet smelling bubble bath and body gel just in case I wanna play in my tub while I'm on a phone sex call. My roommate wanted me to go out with her to a single ladies only night out. No way, I refuse to go out to a bar for single lonely people that are desperate to meet someone. I'm single right now by choice, I have a bunch of guys I can call if I wanna go out or if I'm super horny. Not to mention I have girls I can call. So tonight it will be a date with my laptop and my phone. Yes, I'm a naughty kinky phone sex slut and I'd rather stay home and talk to horny men about their dirty kinky fetishes instead of going to a lonely pity party for women that can't get a man. GTFOH!
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cougar Likes to Phone Fuck with Barely Legal Boys

I just did a steamy Phone sex call with a 19 year old college dude with a weakness for older woman. I loved listening to him describe how he wanted to suck and lick my warm cunt. 19 year old's don't have too much experience but they make great learners. I told him exactly where to lick my pussy and how he should tease my clit while he finger my pussy hole. He listened while he stroke his hard cock. I wanted him over here with me so I could get on his face and ride his mouth until I came. I wanted him close to me so I could suck and lick around his cock and balls over and over. I wanted him so bad. Thinking about his rock hard 19 year old cock made my pussy throb and get wetter by the second. Having his young hard body on top of me pumping and licking my tits made me wanna rub my clit more. Cant wait to do another Phone sex call with my 19 year old lover
1-800-863-5478 ext: 9786723

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cuckolding Weekend

Just finished a call with one of my best cuckie callers. While his wife is out being a cum slut for Big black Cock he's on the phone whacking his little tiny cock getting off. His wife is out getting the real thing while he's sitting at home calling for phone sex. What a worthless loser. I guess that's the life you have to live when you cant satisfy you wife in bed. She gets to go out and screw other men that are worth her time while a worthless husband is left to call and pay for phone sex. Works perfect for me. Don't worry about my caller. He's use to getting used by women since his cock is unworthy he expects to be humiliated.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Wierd phone sex with NaughtyTyra

Strange Phonesex Calls
I just had the wierdest call with a kinky guy that wanted me to whistle while he whack his cock. I thought it was a bit weird, but I was not the least bit surprised. If he's willing to pay me to whistle while he jerk off I'll do it. I'm not surprised at all of the fetishes that I hear. I've spoken to guys that like to hear a woman belch, men that like to listen to a woman chew guy even a guy that got his rocks off by listing to a woman clear her throat. How do you men cum up with this stuff? What ever floats your sex boats, I'm all for it. I'm just so curious about how these fetishes come up. I love to start the day with a dirty kinky phonesex call. Whether it's a sissy boy, a cuckie boy or a quickie fuck and suck call. Don't hesitate to give me a call when your ready to surprise me with something even more kinkier. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 03368686

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break

Beach Candy
One thing I'm missing about being in college is the spring break trips. I have a new picture set of how I would end up looking after a beach party. Which you're going to love.

You know I like being an exhibitionist, so walking around the beach in only my new white panties would have my cunt drenched by the end of the day.

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Don't forget I love to be spoiled, so check my wish list and surprise me? Spoil your sexy sultry Kiwi next door! I'll make it worth it. Call me on Niteflirt and let me prove it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Being a Slut

I admit it. I am a slut. I love dirty kinky sex. I love serving more than one cock at a time. Nothing quite describes the feeling of pure sexual abandon I get when I am being forcibly taken in all 3 holes at once. Then sounds I make around a cock in my throat when my ass and cunt are being violated by two other huge cocks are sounds that only a true slut makes.

I come so hard when I just give in to my wanton desires and let my slut take over. The electric feeling I get as I reach the point if giving in and accepting what ever is about to invade my body is a feeling I crave all the time.

Let me be your fuck slut. Call me on Niteflirt, tie me up and brutalize my slutty body. Take me for your pleasure and make me your cum

Sunday, December 30, 2012

HotCougarDonna for your phonesex fantasies

This weekend has been great. I spent most of it on the front page of niteflirt thanks to my kinky naughty phone sex callers. I met some very interesting people that made me feel very welcome. As I said in my last post, I just started taking calls even though I signed up months back. I’ve had wild phone sex with some barely legal guys that wanted to play out the older woman younger man fantasy. I’ve spoken with a few married men that just wanted some marriage advice. I’m not a psychologist, but I have been married twice and I know what it’s like to live the family life. It’s very difficult. I’ve also met some friendly guys that just wanted general conversation. I’m pretty open to anything. I’m single living alone and I don’t have a lot of gal pals so it’s always lots of fun to talk on the phone. One thing I must say is that I do not do meet and greets or give out my telephone numbers. Other than that I’ve had a blast. I lost count of all the orgasms I had. I haven’t came so hard in a long time. So whenever you men out there want to have some kinky no taboo erotic phone sex with a Cougar/MILF give me a call and I’ll help you drain that scrotum sac. I'm here for your phonesex fantasies.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dirty Phone Sex with Kiwi Candy

DirtyPhoneSexI love getting truly dirty on the phone with my Callers.  Especially if we can get really naughty in your office, or even better while your wife is asleep upstairs and you're downstairs talking to me on the phone.  Knowing that you are stroking your cock and commanding me like the dirty phone sex whore that I am.  I love to beg, please and try and coerce an orgasm for myself and when you tell me I am allowed to come for you, it's like a tap is switched on and I squirt like a dirty slut.

Just a little over a week until 2012 comes to a close, and I know 2013 will be twice as much fun as 2012 was, even more so when I will be able to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  You will have every opportunity to contact me next year to indulge in your dirty fantasies.

There isn't anything we can't do in a fantasy world, and the dirtier the better!  I love sex, and I know that every single one of you love sex just as much as I do.  Can you imagine not ending your 2012 with a bang?  Then call me before 2012 ends and we can have a blast.  It's also only 3 days away!  But I will be emailing out all my Secret Santa items, so you still have a chance to get in and perhaps you will get one of the following for Christmas from me.
  • Five Free Minutes
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  • Five Minute Free MP3
I'm recording the MP3 today, and it will be sizzling hot!  You don't want to miss out!  Just click the button below and get in before time runs out for my Secret Santa.
You won't regret entering and enjoying in the festivities!  I will be taking calls all through Christmas and I can't wait to have a HO HO Whorish time with you!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the Season to be naughty with Cuckold Adina

Usually this time of year I'm in Cali visiting relatives and hanging out with friends. I decided to stay in this weekend and take calls. I'm really not in a traveling mode. I've already done my Christmas shopping and I don't care to cook this year. My hubby is having our Christmas dinner catered by a five Star restaurant that makes the best southern foods. I'd rather take some calls and lurk around on twitter and facebook. Besides I'm meeting with the black bull that I met at the deli that I wrote about in my last blog post. He fucked me so good and made me cream so hard. I can't wait to meet with him again this coming up Monday to give him more of my pink pussy and vicious wet mouth. He screamed so loud when he came all over me. I almost laughed, however it felt so good lying there covered in his creamy cum after being filled with his huge black cock.
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I'll be available most of the weekend. Just click my button when you want to know more about my kinky cuckolding adventures or when you want to confess your kinky fantasies about sucking BBC.