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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So whatcha want?? How to please your Domme...

Here is another one from the search terms list: “how to please your Dominant”.

Let us back up just a little bit. What happens in a Dominant/submissive relationship? One thing that happens, or should happen, is that the Dominant learns about the submissive. The Dominant should always be learning as much as possible about her submissive. Learn about him as a person, as a submissive, as a sexual being, as a spiritual being. Learn about him who he is, what he likes, how he thinks how he feels, everything about him that a Dominant can know. Reciprocally, the submissive should be learning all she can about his Dominant.
The submissive should learn the Dominant’s likes and dislikes. The submissive should ask when he does not know what those might be in a situation. He should study the Dominant to see when she is pleased and when she is displeased. I recommend submissives keep journals to help them keep track of what things please their Dominants. But that is not all.
Once you learn a thing pleases your Dominant, practice it. Get better at it. This will please your Dominant not just because you do it better, but because your taking time to become better at it for her will be pleasing.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cheap losers and wankers beware!!

I am not afraid to block someone on Niteflirt. I don't give a fuck about some bullshit bad feedback. I have stated before that Niteflirt is not a dating site or an escort site and I am not obligated to give free pictures or give my private cell phone number out. I get so frustrated at men that think they can bully girls by threatening us with bad feedback or reporting us to NF. Report me for not giving you my private number? Really? Fuck you losers that are broke and can't afford to buy pics or goodies so you beg for freebies. Take your ass to other social media sites and play with the free desperate bitches that will do anything for attention including chat back and forth for free or give away free pictures. Niteflirt is a business and if you don't like it, you can go play on a free site that has free profiles and join a dating site and hope you score with a desperate bitch that has no life or no self worth. I'm don't ranting.
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