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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Cum For Teacher -- Angela St. Lawrence

Her finger is in your ass, her mouth around your cock. She is doing something deep inside of you that is making your cock leak and drizzle on the back of her tongue. You hear her swallowing — wet, dirty slurps. Opening your eyes and looking down, you see a pink-hued liquid sheen around her lips, lipstick having smeared and mingled with your cock juice. The lewdness of what you see — this is Ms. Kavinaski, after all — causes your prick to vibrate and you’re about to pump a load into her mouth, when she senses it and quickly pulls away — one big slimy, loud suck up the shaft and over and off the mushroom knob. Your cocks is free, the air-conditioned air instantly cooling the hot slobber that drips down its shaft.

“Not yet.”

Your professor wiggles her finger deeper into your asshole and stares into your eyes as that finger hula hoops around and around. You grunt, your hands pressed to the sides of the chair, knuckles white. “How bad do you want it?”

Despite the mottled redness of embarrassment burning your skinny neck, hairless chest, and your pale face, you can’t help yourself. Your hips move on their own, your mouth is a silent “O” opening and closing, opening and closing. She licks her tongue around the roseate stain etching her lips, moves her finger outward to the inside edge of your puckered anus, then slowly begins moving it in and out. Deeper. Then Deeper. And Deeper still.

“I’m finger fucking your tight, little virgin ass, dear boy. But, then again,” she grabs your still-oozing dick with her free hand and slowly pumps it, “but this is virgin, too. Isn’t it?”

When you don’t answer — instead closing your eyes and moaning — she stops pumping her fist. “Answer me, or I’ll stop.” Eyes still closed you begin to open your mouth. “No. Open your eyes and look at me. Look at Mrs. Kavinaski and say it.” You open your eyes. Looking at her you feel dirty — like a dirty, little boy. Her slight sneer makes you even feel dirtier. She knows what you are feeling, what she is doing to you, how out-of-control hot you are.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

It is barely a squeak; but, there, you at least said something. But she’s not satisfied. “Don’t call me ma’am, call me teacher. I’m your teacher. I’m your vile, dick-jerking, ass-fingering teacher. And you’re my slutty, nasty, dirty student. A very horny student who needs something from me real bad. So why don’t you try again. If you want to me to play with this stiffy of yours, try again.” She jerks it up and down just once, then looks at you expectantly. You swallow, even as her finger continues to deliberately and methodically screw your asshole.

“Yes, Teacher.”

Her mouth is immediately back on your dick, her pumping finger picking up speed. You feel your balls tightening, pulling up under your groin. Your groans are loud, echoing in the otherwise empty classroom as your hips buck and you try to fuck her finger and mouth at the same time. Then she removes her mouth and starts pumping your cock hard and fast. “Now, tell me how bad you want it.”

“Please, Ms. Kavinaski. I want it. Play with my dick. Jerk me off. Finger fuck my ass. Please. I want it bad.” She smiles, pumps finger and fist even faster.

“Now! Cum for teacher, you dirty, filthy boy. Shoot that hot spunk right here on my face, while I ream out your ass with this finger.”

And you do.

You cum harder than you probably ever will again in your entire life, shooting all over Ms. Kavinaski’s auburn bangs, her neck, across her face. You ride the knot to the end, feeling your balls jerking, your asshole spasming around her finger, watching a thick clump of your own boy-milk ooze down her forehead and cling to her thick eyelashes. You are panting, sweating, almost crying from the intensity of it all, when she speaks again.

“What do you say? What do you have to say now?”

This time, you know what to say. Between rattled breaths, you answer.

“Thank you, Teacher.”

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So whatcha want?? How to please your Domme...

Here is another one from the search terms list: “how to please your Dominant”.

Let us back up just a little bit. What happens in a Dominant/submissive relationship? One thing that happens, or should happen, is that the Dominant learns about the submissive. The Dominant should always be learning as much as possible about her submissive. Learn about him as a person, as a submissive, as a sexual being, as a spiritual being. Learn about him who he is, what he likes, how he thinks how he feels, everything about him that a Dominant can know. Reciprocally, the submissive should be learning all she can about his Dominant.
The submissive should learn the Dominant’s likes and dislikes. The submissive should ask when he does not know what those might be in a situation. He should study the Dominant to see when she is pleased and when she is displeased. I recommend submissives keep journals to help them keep track of what things please their Dominants. But that is not all.
Once you learn a thing pleases your Dominant, practice it. Get better at it. This will please your Dominant not just because you do it better, but because your taking time to become better at it for her will be pleasing.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sexy Cougar back online

Im back online after taking a few days off to take care of some personal stuff. I'm out in California where it gets into the triple digits of heat. I've been wearing my short sexy sundresses and cut off shorts to show my sexy legs and thighs and attract some sexy hot young studs and older married men. Yes I do like to tease married men. Don't judge me. I had to take a little break from the phone sex to do some upgrades on my home like adding a new patio and getting my outside exterior painted. I've been surrounded by sexy young muscular contractors for the past week. So you know I had to prance around these hot workers in short skirts and barely there halter tops and flirt with my workers. They all loved me bringing them cold lemon aid and bottles of cold beer in my short cut off shorts. I can't wait to get the inside of my house painted so I can invite one of my workers upstairs to my bedroom for a fuck session. Maybe I'll invite them all upstairs for a gangbang.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Communication is key

You'd think you didn't have to tell people this! But: from the Daily Flogger:


A local Texas dominant man has decided to pursue “communication” in an effort to save his failing relationship.

James Franks, 38, says his relationship started to take turn for the worse last month when he started having problems at work and started spending more time at the office. He was returning home from work “tired” and found himself increasingly irritable.

When slave tabitha approached him to find out what was wrong the answer was always the same: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“It left me feeling confused and shut out. I don’t need to know every little detail, but I do need to know what he is feeling and how things are affecting him,” she told The Daily Flogger.

Franks told the slave, “Jesus? Really? I work 12 hours a day and when I come home you want to talk my fucking ear off about how my day was?”

Things came to a head when slave tabitha offered an ultimatum, “Talk to me or I am leaving.”

It was at that point Franks thought there may be a problem.

Franks conceded and now makes sure to spend some time each day talking about how things “make him feel” and “telling his slave what he is thinking about things.”

“It’s weird,” Franks told us, “she just wants to hear things, but she rarely has any concrete suggestions or solutions to problems, she just wants to know what is going on. Then she tells me her problems and I tell her how to fix them.”

Slave tabitha considers that progress. “It is nice that he can finally tell me know he feels. We’re working on the listening part, but progress is progress, right?”

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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Free writing this, so bear with me. I chose the name Kami Controls You for a reason. It's pretty simple really. During the day, the decisions fall on you don't they? All day people are asking for your opinion, support, decisions etc. Sometimes even at home, you're expected to be the head of the household, to make judgement calls, handle situations and all day -- it's on YOU do make it happen.

That's where submitting, to give over power, even if only for a while--can be such a release. Subspace is a brilliant floaty feeling, a high if you will, where you can let go. I'd encourage you to try it -- if you're one of those guys where the day to day pressure has to drained at the end of the day.

Give up that power -- for a while.

Nearly all of my callers will attest to the fact that they feel relieved, mentally, physically and spiritually after giving up control.

Definition - What does Total Power Exchange (TPE) mean?

Total power exchange (TPE) is a relationship dynamic that occurs in a BDSM relationship where the dominant partner has total power over the submissive in everything. TPE always applies in sexual situations, but generally also refers to the dominant having power over all other elements of the submissive's life.
TPE is a turn-on for a lot of people because of the level of trust involved. The submissive essentially gives their life away to the dominant. This is also a huge responsibility for the dominant and should not be taken lightly.

TPE can be used in day-to-day activities, or it can be used for just a few hours during play to spice things up. This type of play is not about micromanaging a person's life; it’s about a submissive giving complete trust to the dominant partner and believing that he or she will have the submissive's best interests and pleasure in mind. What can be so hard to understand is that the submissive actually control. That's because in sane, respectful D/s relationship the submissive can stop the play at any time. It's all about the submissive being able to give up control and the dominant being able to exert control in a safe, consensual way.

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