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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cuckolding phonesex slut brings in 2016

I started 2016 out with a bang. I'm back working out and buying more sexy provocative clothes to go out and find big black cock. I brought the New Year in with my black bull and some of his close friends. Yes!They gang banged fucked me while my husband laid at home alone in bed while I partied the night away. I had so much fun at a 5 star hotel sipping champagne and having a variety of huge cocks in all of my pretty pink holes. I loved getting all that creamy yummy cum squirted all over my face and tits. Now I cant stop touching my pussy and fucking myself with dildos thinking about getting fucked and banged over and over. They really love fucking a phone sex slut that is married to a little dick minute man. I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy while their friend gave me a contact from his canibus. I gotta get some pictures of those big fat heavy cocks just to entertain myself with while I'm horny late at night with my husband.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bringing in the NewYear on Niteflirt with NaughtyTyra

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. I know I am. I've been out shopping and partying so I haven't been available on the phone very much. I will be available more that the holidays are coming to an end. So Im wishing everyone a happy New Year for the 2016 year coming up. I see lots of fun and prosperity for everyone. I plan on traveling to Jamaica, Miami and Atlanta this year. I plan on buying a new truck and getting a gym membership. I also plan on having more sex since I've been so busy this year working and traveling back and forth to Cali. I have a new white bf that is into cuckolding so Im gonna have fun finding black bulls for my bedroom. I cant wait. 2016 is almost here.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cuckolding slut gets dominated by BBC caller on niteflirt

I just finished a call from a BBC owner that wanted me to be his dirty cumslut and swallow his creamy thick load. I love my black callers that wanna dominate me and tell me how they wanna force their huge cock in my mouth. I welcome big black cocks in all of my holes. Nothin better than getting on my knees letting a black bull fuck my throat until I gag and swallow his load. He called me and said my husband was a worthless bitch for letting me fuck other men and have phone sex in his house. He's absolutely correct. My husband is a loser and a sorry excuse for a husband. My husband knows that he has no place when it comes to me worshipping big black cock. I'm addicted to a big black cock. I love to suck and lick and be a whore for black cock. My caller told me he wanted to fuck me in my bed while my husband sits in the corner or look out of the window. I laughed because my husband would do it. He's that weak of a man and he is inferior to BBC. All of the non black callers that call me on niteflirt know that they are inferior to Big Black cock. They know their their wives will leave them in a heartbeat for a black bull. He even showed me a pic of his big 12 inch cock. It was perfect, so yummy so beautiful. So photogenic.
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The slutiest cuckold married wife

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I had another hot date with my black bull. He's been dating some other chick on the side, which I don't care since I'm married anyways and I'm all about being a submissive slut for my black bull. So he took me to a hotel and left his side chick at his apartment because he wanted one of my famous blow jobs. He is so needy when it comes to me sucking his big black cock and balls. I know how to get on my hands and knees and suck that cock until I start to choke. No matter how many other fuck buddies or other girls he dates he always cums back for more of my sweet tight pussy and my famous blow jobs. While I was on my knees sucking his huge black cock his other tramp was texting him and calling him. He text her back while I was sucking him off. While I had a mouthful of his cock he started laughing. WTF I thought. Why are you laughing I asked? He replied because she really thinks she can suck my cock so good that I want go out to get it sucked by somebody else. I got in the bed and clutched the pillows while he buried that big fat overload cock in my cunt and called me his cumslut. I pushed my ass back so fast and so hard to let him know what he'd be missing if he ever cut me off and became exclusive with this new chick. He came so fucking hard and begged me to get away again tommorrow to fuck him again. Of course I will, my husband doesn't mind as long as he can clean my sweet sticky pussy after the job is done.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Slut Cuckolding Wife hooked on BBC

There's no secret in my marriage that I'm a slut for Big Black Cock. My husband knows that I'm hooked on black cock and I need as much as I can get in my mouth, ass and pussy. My husband wanted to go out for Sunday brunch yesterday, but I had other plans instead. I wanted to go out and hook up with an old Black sex buddy I met a few years ago. He's a tall muscular sexy Bull with an athletic build. He has one of the biggest black cocks I've had the pleasure of having an encounter with. He called me yesterday and told me to meet him at his apartment. He ordered me not to wear panties and come with heels on with my red lipstick on. I knew he wanted to fuck my brains out and fuck my mouth with his beautiful black cock. I went over his house and planned on staying no more than an hour because I was suppose to meet my hubby for Sunday brunch, but I got so caught up in pleasing my black sexy partner that I forgot all about my hubby. I sucked his big black cock until he squirted all over my tits and had me lick his cum off. Then he bent me over and fucked me in my cunt then my ass. I screamed so loud and came over and over while those big balls slapped between my legs. I totally forgot about my husband and had to apologize for my encounter. It only turned him on. My hubby little cock got stiff rock hard listening to me confess my sexual encounter.
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cuckold Licks the Cream Pie Sheets Clean

I find it really amusing when my cuckold watches my lover and I have sex and then he licks the sheets clean. He just finds that wet spot and cleans it right up. I swear none of my sheets have stains on them at all because cuckold not only licks them up, but he washes them in the washer as well.

I bet you want to take your pathetic tongue and wipe up that cream pie mess my Big Black Cock Bull and I leave for my cuckold slave to clean up. You would probably do it just as eagerly as he would, lapping it up like a huge cum slut and begging for more. That's because you are such a cream pie lover and while you're watching us fuck in front of you, you jerk your pathetic little dick off. You know you're not allowed to cum until you have cleaned up that mess, little bitch.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cuckolds Love Watching Men in the Shower

You know that cuckolds love watching men in the showers at the gym, right? I have a cuckold who calls me weekly about how he goes into the men's gym showers and watching all of the guys with their well hung dicks soap it up. He goes into the stall and peeks from the top while their not looking and jacks his little pathetic tiny dick off. What a loser! His fantasy is that one of these guys actually catch him and push him down to his knees to make him suck cock. He would love to have that happen and he talks feverishly about it weekly. Can you imagine if that happened to you? I bet you would go throat deep on that big dick while you creeped everyone else out and they all laughed at you!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Slut Cougar for No taboo Phonesex

I know a lot of you men like to talk to young sexy phonesex girls in their early twenties, and that's all great. But when you need a sensual stroke of a mature woman give me a call. I'm into cuckolding, BDSM, foot fetish, and financial domination. Do you need me to be the kinky slut next door, or the evil librarian that pulls you into the office and give you a spanking on your bottom. The weekend is cumming and I know some of you men having been working hard and need to bust a load. I'm talking a cum load. Tired of your nagging wife? Bored at work? Just horny for no reason? Give me a call and I'll make you forget about your problems. Who better than a mature phonesex cougar. I'll keep it a secret.
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cuckolding Weekend

Just finished a call with one of my best cuckie callers. While his wife is out being a cum slut for Big black Cock he's on the phone whacking his little tiny cock getting off. His wife is out getting the real thing while he's sitting at home calling for phone sex. What a worthless loser. I guess that's the life you have to live when you cant satisfy you wife in bed. She gets to go out and screw other men that are worth her time while a worthless husband is left to call and pay for phone sex. Works perfect for me. Don't worry about my caller. He's use to getting used by women since his cock is unworthy he expects to be humiliated.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Cuckold Loves Being a Creampie Chauffer

Creampie Chauffeur

creampiechauffeurAre you a cuckold who loves the thought of a juicy creampie? I bet you are. Most cuckolds love them and can't stop thinking about dipping their tongues inside a juicy snatch that has just been fucked deep and hard. 18+ only!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are You a BIG BLACK COCK or a small white dick?

BIG BLACK COCK vs. small white dick

small penis humiliationHave you seen the huge difference in the small white dick and the BIG BLACK COCK? Your tiny little white worm knows the difference, nevertheless. I’m going to tell you the what the difference is anyway because you need to hear the exact truth! Even though your little white boy dick might be of average white boy size of 5 to 7 inches, you crave that small penis humiliation because SPH is exactly what your little worm deserves.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I locked him in chastity

Sean was such a bad cuckold today. I told him that he had to have the dishes done before Gus and I got home from the movies, but the loser didn't have it done.

See, as my cuckold and submissive male slave it is important the you do I te whatever ll you to. If you don't then you're going to get into a bit of trouble. I told sean the next time he screws up that he is going to have to wear a chastity belt on that pathetic dick of his. I guess he forgot because he didn't do his chores.

So what is going to happen to him? I'm going to make him wear it tonight while he fluffs up my boyfriend's big black cock and then he is going to watch in agony while I fuck my Bull right in front of him. That little pin dick is going to be crying to be let out of his cbt3000 and I'm not going to let him.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Why I Love Cuckolding Phone Sex by Cuckolding Princess Karin

Right now I'm going to explain to you why I love cuckolding phone sex. See, in college I was this sweet girl who was still a bossy princess, but was dedicated to one guy. I had always been a big tease, but I was faithful and didn't really know any better until one night I met his friend Moses. One night the three of us went up and drank a few cases of beer at a party. My boyfriend passed out and while he did Moses and I got drunk and made out. His cock felt so hard and BIG underneath his jeans that I just had to see it.

When my boyfriend awoke, he watched me stroke that big black cock and was so drunk that he didn't even get mad. I was a little embarrassed and I wanted to stop, but as he begged me to continue stroking that huge dick, he pulled out his tiny penis and started jerking off.

Honestly, I really enjoyed watching him jerk his small penis to my hand stroking that big black dick. I always felt his little worm was way too small while he continuously bragged about it being SO BIG. That night I sucked that big black cock, fucked it, and rode it all night long. My boyfriend was so humiliated while I laughed at him after cumming again and again that he squirted his tiny load in his hand and cried while somehow getting that nasty stump hard again.

Now I prefer cuckold relationships. I have a steady cuckold boyfriend now and a lover and I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy talking to men about it over the phone and making sure they know what inferior little tools they are.