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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Husband stops cheating after discovering Niteflirt

I just had a long call with an old timer that use to call me when I first started on niteflirt back in 2008/2009. He had been cheating on his wife for 7 years. Im not just talking about an affair with one woman, but several. He had been cheating with his secretary, personal assistant, girls at the gym, and a tenant that lives in his rental property. He was a frequent visitor at strip clubs all over the country while traveling. After screwing everything walking, lying to his wife for years and hiding hotel receipts he decided to stop and focus on his marriage and what was more important. He discovered niteflirt and now he is a regular and doesn't have to sneak out of town or lie about working late. He was not a bad guy, just bored in his marriage and wanted an escape from reality.

His escape had been sex for years with multiple women. Sometimes paying for and wasting a lot of money. Now he doesn't have to leave his job or lie to his wife that he is working late or say he's in Arizona when he's really in Las Vegas partying with strippers and escorts. Now he just log into niteflirt talk to the girl of his choice whenever he wants to escape. He has his pick of a variety of girls from 18 to older GILFs. Every fetish girls of every nationality and background. No need to travel out of town when he can pick up the phone have phonesex and masturbate until he's satisfied. No need to check into a hotel and meet a random women or go to a strip club and risk be sited by someone.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

A great find!

Main Page It is the mission of the to collect knowledge and share around the globe about BDSM practices; to set forth its general systems of best practices, medical information, risk assessment and technical data to those who practice BDSM and those who wish to learn of it, and to transmit it to those who will come after us.

The BDSM WIki!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Balloon Fetish

Balloon fetish is one of those great fun fetishes that is full of laughter and is completely harmless. I was first introduced into balloon fetish years ago by a Niteflirt caller that enjoyed the feel of a balloon against his skin. He taught me a lot about the fetish he was a non-popper who had a specific balloon that turned him on. I asked him when we first started playing when he first started to feel the way he did. His fetish started from a birthday party where people were popping balloons and he felt compelled to "save" the balloons. The hoarding sensation triggered something inside him where he wanted to feel the balloons all over his skin. The squeaky sound was euphoric to him better than about any other sound he could think of. The way the balloon would first glide against his skin and then cling tightly to him felt sensual to him in a lot of ways. Fetishes in general are fascinating in how they develop and what they become.

People that enjoy balloons are called looners and there a two distinct groups balloon poppers and balloon nonpoppers. There is a chasm of difference between the two groups the balloon poppers in joy and get a sexual rush from that split moment when the balloon actually explodes into just a tiny pile of left over material. The non poppers on the other hand become visibly upset if the balloon is harmed in any way. Balloons come in a variety of compositions from latex to true rubber. For balloon boys and balloon girls they each have their own favorite type, size, and absolutely shape of balloons. For many looners the act of blowing up a balloon is very sensual the feel of it growing in their hands and stretching out to where it is filled with air. For some the struggles of tying off the balloon is part of the turn on. There is a whole group that are into over inflation they want to push the balloon to it's limits. When it comes to size there are some that enjoy just having a large amount of balloons all around them others enjoy the extra large ones that are bigger than they are. The sensation of the balloon on one's skin is unique somewhere between silky and clingy. There is a great difference in smell of each types of balloon they are all different.

Balloon fetish is active on Niteflirt there are currently over 500 flirts that are offering calls on this fetish so plenty of different people to choose from. Many different body types, hair color and personalities to make your night on your fetish extra special. With over 100 Goodies that were made for looners there is also pictures, movies, and mp3's. The fetish of balloons is absolutely catered to on Niteflirt.

If you are new this fetish or have never really thought about the appeal of it. Take a look at the short clip below. The wonderful thing about sexuality is how we can explore new fun areas of ourselves.

I am Diane Callaway I have been a phone sex operator on Niteflirt since 2009. I am a fetish blogger and you can read more of my writing I greatly enjoy talking to people about their fetishes so please give me a call and lets discuss the things you enjoy. Please add me on twitter @dianecallaway. My Niteflirt exclusive blog I have numerous help articles to help you use the site easier. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

What is a fetish? Do you have a fetish?

What Is a Sexual Fetish?
Sexual fetish describes people who are aroused by unusual parts of the body, activities, or objects that are generally not associated with conventional sex. The fetish is strong and is deep seated in the sub conscious mind. People can have sex without actually participating in the fetish activity. However, 99 per cent of people with a fetish are like Susan. They cannot have an orgasm unless they think about the fetish at the moment of explosion.

There are all kinds of sexual fetishes. Sexuality is something that is as unique as each individual. Some people fixate on parts of the body: shoes, feet, legs, bottoms, hair or armpits. Others enjoy acting out certain kinds of scenarios including Dominant/submissive role-playing, spanking, bondage, cross-dressing and trampling. Still others find certain articles of clothing or fabric stimulating such as leather, latex, rubber and even angora sweaters. The acts and scenarios attached to these fetishes are many and variable.

People With Fetishes Are Ashamed
It's no wonder. Our society labels anything sexually different as deviant or perverted. These labels hurt deeply to those whose sexual make-up is out of the norm. Fetishists feel weird, ashamed and guilty for their desires. While the fetish provides pleasure and relief, all these people have feelings of shame about being sexually different.

Fetishists are afraid of sharing their secret with a lover. They fear rejection, ridicule or abandonment. Unfortunately their fears are not unfounded. Oftentimes, people who disclose to their wives or husbands wish they hadn't. Their partners react with shock or embarrassment promoting even more feels of shame and regret.

The general public is uneducated about sexuality out of the norm. Most people (even in this day and age) resort to perfunctory sex. We are not schooled in the joys of playing and acting out fantasies. Fetishes often require special costuming, effects, verbiage and creativity. We are not trained to indulge in sexual desires. We just don't understand.

People with a fetish generally think they are the only one. It's a secret that they carry to the grave or possibly a paid professional (prostitute or Dominatrix). Sexual fetish is a misunderstood confusing topic. Why can't my partner or I just enjoy and experience sex in the moment? Is it abnormal to have strong sexual feelings or thoughts, which I can't control? Is there a 'cure' for fetish? Is it OK to act on the fetish?

Where Does The Fetish Come From?
There's no definitive answer as to why someone is or isn't precluded to having a fetish. Most remember having some kind of early childhood memory connected to the fetish.

Fear, excitement, curiosity, pleasure are powerful emotions that are felt in the body. The body remembers the charge physiologically and for some of us those moments become eroticized on a subconscious level. Even scary childhood moments. We protected ourselves by sexualizing the powerful feelings. Generally the feelings lay dormant until we become sexually active. Then out of nowhere, we connect our original moment of excitement and experience to a powerful erotic charge. This feeling is so strong that our sexuality is linked to that early sexual/excitement/fear moment.

For example, someone who likes spanking might have heard someone else get a spanked or they were spanked themselves. While the event wasn't necessarily enjoyable at the time, it made great impact. It was charged moment that later became sexualized. How does that happen? Spanking is done behind closed doors, undergarments are taken down and there is a certain degree of intimacy about the act. Hence, powerful emotions are evoked.

These powerful emotions linked to the fetish are stored in the subconscious mind. They are connected to a part of our brain that produces sexual stimulation. When puberty strikes these thoughts and feelings may re-emerge. Before we realize what's happening we are associating our childhood fear/excitement to adult sexual feelings.

Do You Have A Sexual Fetish?
Chances are good that if you were attracted to this article you have a sexual fetish or a penchant for sexuality out of the norm. You may or may not have told anyone or acted upon it. Perhaps you have see professional women who specialize in exotic forms of adult entertainment. The visits to these adult workers are satisfying in the moment but ultimately leave you feeling alone and ashamed.

You may have shared your secret desire with your significant other only to be shunned and rejected. People who have sexual fetishes are often left feeling very alone. It's just not something we feel comfortable bringing up with a friend over lunch. It's even hard to tell a therapist we've seen for ages.

Taken from here:

Do you have a fetish you'd like to explore?

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Shrinking fetish Phone Sex with BBWVanityMinaj

My last phone sex call on Niteflirt was with a guy I've been talking to for a few years and he has a kinky shrinking fetish of being shrunken down to a half inch and dominated and controlled by a big goddess like myself. He likes for me to put him in my purse or in my bra and keep him under my spell. When I'm horny I sprinkle him with voodoo powder and turn him into an 8 inch dildo and ram him in my pussy. I push his entire shrunk body inside of my pussy head first.It's his fantasy. He gives me full control of him. I can use him anyway like turning him into my slave since he is too tiny to defend himself to a large goddess. I am a giant to him and he is turned on by my superior size. He worships my huge SSBBW body. He loves every curve and every pound of flawless fat flesh. He obeys me and does whatever I tell him to do. When I want more control I shrink him down to half inch and he cant do anything since I have full control and I hold his well being in my hand. He cums so hard when we talk about his shrinking/giantess fetish.
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cuckold Licks the Cream Pie Sheets Clean

I find it really amusing when my cuckold watches my lover and I have sex and then he licks the sheets clean. He just finds that wet spot and cleans it right up. I swear none of my sheets have stains on them at all because cuckold not only licks them up, but he washes them in the washer as well.

I bet you want to take your pathetic tongue and wipe up that cream pie mess my Big Black Cock Bull and I leave for my cuckold slave to clean up. You would probably do it just as eagerly as he would, lapping it up like a huge cum slut and begging for more. That's because you are such a cream pie lover and while you're watching us fuck in front of you, you jerk your pathetic little dick off. You know you're not allowed to cum until you have cleaned up that mess, little bitch.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Slut Cougar for No taboo Phonesex

I know a lot of you men like to talk to young sexy phonesex girls in their early twenties, and that's all great. But when you need a sensual stroke of a mature woman give me a call. I'm into cuckolding, BDSM, foot fetish, and financial domination. Do you need me to be the kinky slut next door, or the evil librarian that pulls you into the office and give you a spanking on your bottom. The weekend is cumming and I know some of you men having been working hard and need to bust a load. I'm talking a cum load. Tired of your nagging wife? Bored at work? Just horny for no reason? Give me a call and I'll make you forget about your problems. Who better than a mature phonesex cougar. I'll keep it a secret.
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time to get Sexy for Summer Coming up

For the past two weeks I've been working out like crazy getting bikini ready for the summer. I love my thick thighs but I'm toning them up for the hot weather. If you call me for kinky dirty phone sex and I sound like I'm out of breath, it's probably because I just hopped off the treadmill or the aerobics bike. I've been working with a trainer and he's so damn good and he has a hot fucking body. I'm talking Brad Pitt mixed with some Justin Timberlake with a body like the rapper 50 Cent. I wanna fuck him so bad, but he acts so professional. Plus he's married, but that does'nt mean anything I'm sure he could use some young black pussy every now and then. Well anyway I just wanted to give everyone an update on what I've been doing lately. Im still being a phone slut. I'll be online tonight and most of the weekend playing with my sweet cunt and moaning for all my horny callers. I cant get enough of playing with my cunt and rubbing my hard nipples.
I'm so addicted to making myself cum. I wish I could stay in the house all day and night and masturbate with callers. I get so excited when I talk to one of my regular callers that love to make me cum. I'm usually at my laptop watching porn between calls, so when I say I'm horny, I'm not lying. I'm really hot and horny and ready to hear you shot a hot cum load for me.
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bizarre Fetishes -- the more you know and NO JUDGEMENT

10 Of The Most Bizarre Fetishes

From here:

”I think most of us men are guilty of experimenting with some sort of fetish, indulging in a bit of roleplay? maybe being tied up and spanked? or perhaps partaking in a bit of necrophilia? (hopefully not) but if you dig deep enough the Internet can reveal some of the most bizarre and genuine fetishes that people actually enjoy. Here is a list of 10 fetishes that are weirder than your grandad wearing Reebok’s.

1. Symphorophilia Kicking off the list is the fetish called Symphorophilia which means that a person gets sexually aroused by natural disasters, so if your wondering why you felt the urge to reach for the Kleenex when the Haiti earthquake came on the news, This is why.

2. Klismaphilia This fetish means a person gets sexual gratification through receiving an enema, I fail to see the attraction myself but just be wary if your mate is overly enthusiastic about having one.

3. Hemotigolagnia A Hemotigolagniac is someone who gets turned on by ’sanitary pads’ Either used or not, watch out for the dude ramming allways ultra into a shopping trolley whilst dribbling.

4. Harpaxophilia A Harpaxophiliac gets heavily aroused at the thought of being burgled, this makes me wonder what is wrong with the human race, someone getting their rocks whilst having there Xbox nicked is ludicrous, and I can imagine quite unpleasant for the burglar too!

5. Nasolingus Picking my your nose and flicking it is a pretty fun past time for many men, but do this around someone with Nasolingus (someone who is aroused by bogeys) you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

6. Parthenophagy This one is a bit dark, a person with this fetish gets turned on by the thought of eating (not eating out) young girls or virgins, so any virgins should get laid now in case you end up in a stew.

7. Tripsolagnia A person with this fetish gets sexual pleasure from having there hair shampooed, step away from the Timotei!

8. Avisodomy Someone who gets sexual gratification from having sex with birds, no wonder Bill Oddie is always smiling, dirty bastard.

9. Catheterophilia I have no idea why but a person with this fetish gets turned on by ‘catheters’ what they actually do with a catheter to get sexual pleasure from it is a mystery.

10. Nosolagnia This is weird, a person that has this fetish gets ‘happy’ knowing there partner has a terminal illness….what is wrong with people, a box of tissues and the underwear section of a Kay’s catalogue is just not enough for some people!

Got a fetish? an idea of a roleplay?

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Wierd phone sex with NaughtyTyra

Strange Phonesex Calls
I just had the wierdest call with a kinky guy that wanted me to whistle while he whack his cock. I thought it was a bit weird, but I was not the least bit surprised. If he's willing to pay me to whistle while he jerk off I'll do it. I'm not surprised at all of the fetishes that I hear. I've spoken to guys that like to hear a woman belch, men that like to listen to a woman chew guy even a guy that got his rocks off by listing to a woman clear her throat. How do you men cum up with this stuff? What ever floats your sex boats, I'm all for it. I'm just so curious about how these fetishes come up. I love to start the day with a dirty kinky phonesex call. Whether it's a sissy boy, a cuckie boy or a quickie fuck and suck call. Don't hesitate to give me a call when your ready to surprise me with something even more kinkier. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 03368686